Exemplar Wave 3

Subject Creator Description
Aaron LaCluyze Martha Lufkin Cluyze, your audio version of the IPG, newly revised to reflect the recent changes, is sheer genius. I heard positive comments when it first came out, and am thrilled to have this as an updated resource. Identifying this need and bringing the project to fruition is clearly exemplary behavior. Well done and thank you!
Andrew Thompson Andrew Doyle I briefly worried about being the home town judge recognizer, but Andrew Thompson’s accomplishments are too great to not recognize. With your efforts, the mid-Michigan judge community has not only grown in size, but has grown in professionalism and knowledge. Your leadership role at our judge gathering kept our meeting on track, and your contributions to the discussions provided great insight. Nearly all of northern Michigan’s competitive play is attributed to your work with individual stores on your own time. Lastly, your confidence in other judges is not overlooked; many judges, including myself, have you to thank for our collective success. Thank you for being a driving force in our judge community.
Ashlee Moran Steven Briggs Ashlee has flat out been impressive at events, working with confidence and poise at very large Comp REL events as an L1. She has a terrific personality, making all around her feel welcome, and has impressed many people she has worked with at events so far, including standing out at GP: Vegas – not easy with 600+ judges on staff. Keep up the outstanding energy and enthusiasm for the game Ashlee!
Ashlee Moran Robert Kajer Ashlee, I was quite impressed with your performance at GP Vegas. You went from a nearly year long break of judging to handling the single largest event in Magic history, and you’ve gone on to handle several other large events. All the judges I’ve asked have only confirmed what I saw at Vegas, so when the Exemplar window came up, you were the first judge I thought of. Keep up the good work.
Ben Litz James Risner Ben has been an important part of the Kentucky community of judges for a while now! He has the patience and diplomacy to work with some Kentucky stores that are not always welcoming to the judge program. He works to mentor and provide opportunities to new judges in our state. We need more local judges like Ben!
Ben Litz Jarrod Williams Ben you’ve led the charge on getting Kentucky organizers to work together. You’ve gotten a group of people that can be tough to work with to work together and produce a great schedule of events for Kentucky players as well as helping them understand how to engage with Judges for scheduling. You’ve helped make PPTQ scheduling in Kentucky go easier for Judges and TOs. Thanks for all the work you’ve done.
Ben Sturtz Peyton Turner Hey Ben, I’d like to thank you for being a great guy, and for the level of service you provide in the community. You made L2 after me, but have made time to judge substantially more events as an L2 than I have. Just today I saw you on one of our judge pages trying to arrange an L2 to run a pair of GPTs. I’d also like to thank you in particular for a service you did for me. Early in my time judging competitive events I was late to our meeting place to drive to Columbus. I was very late, due to an alarm failure, and it was impossible to get ahold of me by phone. You made the decision to wait for me on the reasoning that the TO would rather have two late judges than one judge. This decision ended up paying off well, and is exactly the sort of considerate behavior I’m happy to see in the community. Considerate attitudes between judges go a long way toward making judging a rewarding activity.
Brian Rapp Jarrod Williams Brian, I was sad when you said you were moving out of Columbus as I thought we were losing a great community builder and leader. I was right, as you picked up the work you were doing in Columbus in Pittsburgh. You are quick to reach out bring people into the community and to share your knowledge. You are an awesome ambassador to bring people into the program. Keep up the good work.
CJ Steele David Elden CJ, I’ve noticed a sharp rise in player experience at your store since you started running events for them. You have exactly the qualities that are important for a store judge: openness to feedback, customer focus, and knowledge of the players and their wants. Thank you for your hard work.
Craig Reeder Jack Hesse Craig,
Something specific: Thanks for your help at SCG Cleveland with my first two-day team leading gig. Your shadowing and subsequent advice was a tremendous help, both for my immediate Sunday assignment, as well as growing as a leader.
Something more general: Thanks for being “the social guy” at every event I work with you at. I’m not always able to join the judge dinners, but I always have a great time when I do. And either way, it’s great to have someone being proactive about the team-building social stuff.
daniel hall Nick Louzon Dan, you are everything the Judge Program could hope for from a local judge. From helping with multiple hometown stores’ PPTQ scheduling, judging, and general please-don’t-forget-thisidness, to going out of your way to add water to the wave that is Magic through community involvement, your impact on the Southeast Indiana Magic community is unparalleled. I admire your dedication to both the game and your desire to become a better judge with the singular goal of helping your local players and stores. You are a warrior and your time for L2 will come.
David Elden Yukio Victoria David, you acted as my lieutenant during GP: Vegas and you absolutely rocked it. I saw you give team building and bonding a much bigger focus than most of the TL’s I’ve worked with in the US, all without slacking off in the tasks you were assigned and while taking care of your team.
David Incorvati Ben Sturtz David, I am constantly impressed with your professionalism. There are many L2s who do not display your poise and politeness. Your ability to answer calls precisely without going beyond the question asked is not only impressive but something that I often find myself reflecting upon. It is always a pleasure working with you and I am confident that you will be able to pass your L2.
David Rappaport Levi Brooks This judge inspired and guided me to become an L2. Only recently I had the pleasure of working closely with him again, to which I am forever grateful. He inspires teamwork and personal development within other judge,s the likes of which I have never seen with another judge. He is truly a great mentor and teacher, and I look forward to working (and talking) with him again soon.
David Rappaport Jason Riendeau


When the Exemplar program was announced, I promised myself that I wouldn’t recognize a level 3, because that number is recognition enough. You forced me to rethink that promise.

You were my MVP for GP: Providence. You showed up early every day, and you worked hard setting up and packing up.

On Friday, we were without a team lead due to flight issues. You showed up for your shift a few hours early and took over team leading a second team in addition to leading your own team.

In the middle of doing an awesome job every day, you took a bunch of time and worked with me on leadership and mentoring. You pointed out small things that I was doing wrong, made me think about why they were wrong, and let me know how to fix them.

You gave me resources on how to independently research leadership skills, and I think that I’ve learned from both them and your work at Providence. I recently wrote a review with your guidance in the back of my mind, and I think it might be the best review that I’ve ever written.

David Rappaport Randy Tice Dave- what makes a mentor an example for other judges to follow? With your leadership, I have learned many things. What has set you apart from other mentors is that you sacrifice as much for your mentee as they sacrifice. I personally want the entire program to know the lengths you go to help others reach their goals. In my case that was sacrificing your time at GenCon to help me study and obtain my goal of L2. You went above and beyond by staying up every night after a long shift to work with me and make sure I was prepared. I am proud to call you one of my mentors, and more importantly judge family! Thank you so much!
David Rappaport Lloyd Dodson I have known David for many years now and he has been an endless supply of knowledge. The firm, quiet and incredibly effective way that he handles player issues is something every judge should get to experience.
Dylan Goings Adam Eidelsafy


I appreciate your motivation as a judge. Despite rejecting you application to Michigan’s last PTQ, you made the trip anyways to learn from your peers. It was at this event that I incorrectly gave a GL to a player. You were the first to step up and question my ruling. Instead of stating your opinion, you politely asked me to explain mine. Curiosity, and diplomacy is a winning combination, keep it up.

Until Next Time,

Dylan Goings Billy Gilmore In the time I have known Dylan he has impressed many judges with the fact that he shows so much maturity and knowledge of a L2 that those judges are shocked to know that he is just a L1. I have enjoyed the times that I have worked with Dylan due to his desire to help in any way possible for other judges and the players. Seeing that Customer Service is one of the main reasons we are judges Dylan has shown a great aptitude for serving and that makes him a exemplar judge.
Dylan Goings Andrew Doyle Dylan, your recent performances at Gencon and Grand Prix Detroit have shown an initiative and deive that we should all look up to. This recognition isn’t for a great performance though; its for the leadership you’ve shown at every opportunity. I hope you continue on tge path that you’re on, as we could all learn from your example.
Frank Scarber Ryan Stapleton Frank helped a fellow judge out by picking up an incoming judge with a 1 day notice. This kindness really helped start the GP off correctly for myself. It allowed me to meet a local non-GP judge as Frank was going to spend the weekend with his family and not at the GP. This allowed me to understand more of what local-out-of-area-L1 judges are like. You help me continue to focus on what a good magic / life balance is as I continue to keep adjusting what works for my life.
Frank Scarber David Rappaport Frank is about as long in the tooth as any Judge. If I could, I would recognize that alone. Frank went above and beyond when a visiting Judge was stranded at Metro Airport. He responded quickly and never seemed to be put out by the imposition. I know that it was no small chore for him to travel out and rescue our Judge friend. Frank, you are an example of fellowship in the Program. Thank you.
Frank Singel Ben Sturtz It has been an honor to work with and learn from you over the past year. Your dedication to the Greater Cleveland area has been awesome. You show great interest in educating players at multiple local shops as well as acting as a voice of leadership for the area judges. Keep it up!
Gregory Tongue Frank Singel Greg, you have been doing a fantastic job creating and maintaining a friendly, safe, and inclusive play environment at Critical Hit Games. To do this, you’ve had to make some difficult decisions that a typical L1 may have chosen avoid rather than address. Keep going strong!
Gregory Tongue Peyton Turner Hey Greg. I’d like to recognize the work that you have put into fostering a more pleasant community space for playing Magic. Before your store opened the community was seriously limited in places one could go to play magic and feel comfortable. The many times I’ve seen you helpfully explain the rules to a newer player, lend them a deck and explain it, or help a new player to construct a deck make me unsurprised to find so many newer players congregating at your store. You are an amazing face for a community to have. Keep up the good work.
Heidi Sitten Steven Briggs Despite moving to Michigan in the last several weeks, Heidi has immediately integrated herself into the Michigan community and brought with that positive energy and enthusiasm to many of the activities and discussions in the state leadership group, supporting what has been happening while adding her flavor to the leadership soup. That’s not easy and deserves considerable praise.
Heidi Sitten Meghan Baum Between the feedback from players about how you are a wonderful judge and they hope to have you again soon, to how much your former other local judges were going to miss you it was more than apparent that the Michigan community gained a fantastic judge to add to our ranks. You immediately jumped into helping out with the crazy amount of pptqs we have, working with Toma to help test some candidates, and positively contributing in many ways and that was just fantastic. Im do glad to have you in my community and as my friend.
Heidi Sitten John Temple Heidi recently moved to Michigan and since then she has been an awesome force in Michigan. She immediately jumped in and started helping out with HJing PPTQs and when a judge had to step out for scheduling reasons she stepped into a HJ role for one of the Force of Community events.
Heidi is a great addition to Michigan’s Magic judges and I’m sure she will continue to excel and move the community forward!
JACOB BRANSTETTER Johnpaul Adams (Belated) Congratulations on your excellent Head Judging of your first Competitive level event ever. I know you were nervous about being the HJ of your first event at this level, but you asked the right questions beforehand, made solid and excellent rulings throughout the event, and had a successful run of this event for our store. I know this isn’t an event level you enjoy working at, but it was great seeing you stretch your judging skillset and do a great job all the while. Keep up the great work!
Jake Kindsvogel Arthur Edson Jacob does an amazing job with mentorship as an L1 moving towards L2. When going to competitive events, he makes sure to bring decks and decklists to teach newer judges how to deck check. He also makes sure to bring extra tournament supplies to every event (just in case).
James Risner Jarrod Williams James you are doing great work in mentoring judges in Kentucky. It seems that at each PPTQ you do there are judges learning from you and from others. You’ve organized judge gatherings and are actively working to certify judges in areas that are lacking as well as mentor judges to improve and reach for L2 and beyond. Thanks for all you do.
James Villanueva John Temple

James has really taken up the role of store judge and gone way beyond! After certification earlier this year, James started to run FNM and realized a problem with our drafts and solved it by creating a zone drafting mat for newer players. James’ high level of customer service and expectation of better events has put him high on my list of future L2s in Michigan.

Keep up the hard work James!

Jarrod Williams Steven Briggs While Jarrod’s promotion to L3 is an accomplishment, the way he overcame adversity in the testing process by not grumbling, by not taking on a negative attitude, but keeping his focus and working harder on his weaknesses without drawing self-pity and attention to himself, is just remarkable. He is an incredible human being and I am so thankful that his example is now regional leadership.
Jarrod Williams Brian Rapp

Received this email from one of my judgelings that tested and passed at the event in question:

“I am writing because I want to discuss my first experience judging at a regional event and why it was so important that this was my first judging experience. I signed on as a standby judge for this event, and when I did so I was an L0. I wanted this to be my first experience and in my cover letter wrote that I would do my best to both help in any way I could and learn as much as I could from the experience. I was accepted and attended.
Prior to the event I received multiple emails from Jarrod Williams who was the head judge of the event. I was very surprised because I did not expect the level of detail that was present in his initial emails and was very excited at the attitude that I got from the emails. This was a person who respected both the judges who would be helping him and the people who would be at the event. This got me even more excited to help out.
I was lucky enough to judge the event as a standby, and I attended the initial Head Judge meeting before round 1. Jarrod stated that we we’re here for the players, that they could have spent their time with anyone today and they decided to spend it with us. He said that we had a responsibility to these players to give them a good event. He also made sure we knew we could also have some fun as well. This attitude floored me, because it was genuine and made me immediately happy to be a part of this program. I love Magic, in almost all aspects, and I wanted to be a judge because I wanted to get involved in higher level events and get to know the game better. Jarrod really inspired me to keep this going with just this first meeting. He showed me that judging these events isn’t just about knowing the rules and correctly noting penalties and infractions, it’s about creating an environment where the players can thrive in and enjoy the game.”

Having worked many events with Jarrod, I can say that his effort to bring customer service to the forefront is without reproach.

Jennifer LaCluyze Brian Brown You exemplify great customer service. Every time I’ve seen you speak to players at events, everyone leaves the conversation with a smile on their face. Everytime I speak with you at events I feel reenergized and excited to go about my day of judging. You are always willing to pitch in wherever necessary at GPs and I’ve never heard you complain. Thank you!
Jennifer LaCluyze Joe Wiesenberg Jennifer,
At GP Vegas, you somehow managed to find yourself responsible for five or six of the on-demand drafts at the same time, with no one around for support. You did an excellent job of keeping track of all your drafts and providing great service to the players despite the unreasonable number of events you were running. Thanks for keeping your own little corner of the event hall chaos-free.
Jennifer LaCluyze John Brian McCarthy At the GP Charlotte Super Sunday Series, Jennifer displayed a great behavior that I rarely see from other judges: rather than floating toward the front of the room to watch top tables or chat with other judges, she stayed toward the back. She made even the players who were losing feel like they were still an important part of the event.
Jennifer LaCluyze Jason Reedy Jennifer was one of the most dependable judges on our side events staff during Grand Prix Charlotte, making a point to always be available, being flexible in rotating through varying assignments, and confident to Head Judge swiss round events. In addition, she was wanted to go above and beyond to stay over her scheduled shift length to finish her events out, though this was not necessary.
Jeremy Toma-Cooper David Rappaport Jeremy keeps himself unreasonably spread thin with travel these days. Jeremy was still instrumental in promoting our Force of Community charity event this year. Jeremy I don’t know how you manage to burn the “candle” at both ends like you do, but thank you for doing it.
Jeremy Toma-Cooper Jesse Meiring Anyone who has worked with Toma-Cooper knows that he brings not only a wealth of experience to the table but also brings high energy to an event. Aside from his event preformance, Toma-Cooper has always motivated me to invest into the Judge program through his example.
Thanks for everything Toma!
Jeremy Zimmer Michael Anderson Jeremy, you made my first PPTQ head judging assignment a breeze. I never had to worry where you were and was able to rely on you to keep me informed of what was happening on the floor. Thank you!
Jimmy Brandlein Nick Louzon Jimmy, thanks for working at my most recent PPTQ. You’re a great example of a L1 who enjoys doing more competitive events. I want you to try to put yourself out there more. The depth of policy and rules knowledge you have should taken advantage of at more events. I know you want to reach L2, and I’m sure if you put in the work, you’ll get there.
John Kmiecik Matthew Tuskey In recognition of superior community-building at Pandemonium, I bestow upon thee this Exemplar nomination. Your devotion to the program there is incredible, and I think it is no surprise that the playerbase has grown as a consequence. Continue being awesome.
John Kmiecik David Rappaport John is a close friend and reliable confidant… as well as a consistent source of information. Recently, John was instrumental in planning and executing our Force of Community charity event. Thank you John, you are a role model of reliability… whether you want to be or not.
Jordan Kennedy Johnpaul Adams (Belated) Thank you for your work at the pre-release you staffed for us, especially in taking the lead on the event without much notice. When I was delayed at my audition and you had to help cover the event longer than anticipated, you simply asked what needed to be done and focused on the job at hand. Your excellent work ethic that day, plus comments from the players about the great job you did, showed me you have the excellent qualities of growing L2 judge. Excellent work that day, and congrats on certing for L1 that weekend as well!
josh schnepp Abdulrahman Alhadhrami Josh, working with you in GP Detroit was great, especially with pointing out a potential interaction of a player’s deck after seeing the deck he built, and the discussion we had later with other judges. For a first GP, you handled it very good and you were one of the people I kept observing in order to learn from.
Josh Stothers David Rappaport Prior to GP Detroit, Joshua assisted me in recreating the Travel Guide created some Year or more earlier. His help was invaluable and he was more than accommodating to an abrupt and tight schedule. Thank you for your assistance and remarkably good work.
Kevin Vashon Thomas Fritz Kevin, you’ve done a great job building up the local community with fun and fair events, and solid tournament logistics. Between stores closing and a few sometimes toxic players making that difficult, it is great someone was able to step up. You’ve contributed invaluably to making Bowling Green a great place to play magic!
Marcos Sanchez Lexie Mettler Marcos, I love the enthusiasm you have for the judge program and the efforts you have put into making our local judge community even better. The strides you made preparing for the monthly judge meetings were very impressive and I can’t wait to see what else you have planned!
Marcos Sanchez Bernd Buldt Marcos: The week after you certified I had my first judge review from you; then, w/o being asked, you started work on two google docs for our area judge group. Yup, that’s the way we rock — great working w/ you! I’m sure you’ll make a difference to our local community.
Marcos Sanchez Jarrod Williams Marcos, at regionals I was impressed by your work ethic and attention to detail. Even though it was your first large event you were anticipating tasks and taking care of them before anyone noticed. Your work made the event run smoother and helped us when it came to breaking down the event. I look forward to working with you again soon.
Matt Sauers Bernd Buldt Matt: This is to recognize the great leadership qualities you displayed in your role as our state coordinator. When we ran out of time to discuss a matter that was very important to me during a judge meeting in Fort Wayne, next time I judged an event in Indianapolis, you left your home and came to the store I was at in order to continue the conversation. Then you followed through with some appropriate action. Awesome!
Matt Sauers David Elden Matt, I want to recognize you for the exemplary job you’re doing as Indiana state captain. What especially sets you apart is your conscientious attitude. Your coordination and involvement in state activities have inspired me to work harder on my own projects.
Max Cotton James Risner Max is doing a fantastic job in his area. He is knowledgeable and spends time helping other learn.
Meghan Baum Patrick Vorbroker Meg, in a time when new judge posts in a very large group were more tedium than excitement, and were being considered for phasing out, you revolutionized them with your exciting, random, and funny interviews that help us get to know the new judge and look forward to their first involvement. That really turned the mood of those posts around, and shows new judges what a fun community they’ve become a part of. Excellent work!
Michael Anderson Minh Vu Mike, you’ve done an amazing job in stepping up in helping the area. I elated to see that you have extended your range to areas beyond even our small tri-state area and assist in events deeper in Indiana and Kentucky. You saw a need in the area for more L2 leadership and stepped up to the plate. You are a shining example for other L1s in the area to follow and I am happy to see your growth over the last year.
Michael Stafford Randy Tice Mike- what makes you Exmplar is your dedication. I appreciate how you take every event and make it your personal mission to improve the event. Your dedication has even come in the form of staying close to the event while you were sick. The event was already short-staffed and you refused to leave preferring to stay close in case the TO needed you. Thank you for your dedication!
Michael Suire Matt Sauers Michael — your active participation in the education of fellow
judges, both mentoring at events, and at conferences by asking
insightful questions that help illuminate during presentations, is
exemplary to the judge program. At our judge conferences in the past
few years, you have bravely asked uncomfortable questions about real
scenarios and advocated the player’s point of view well, something that
isn’t always as common to the program. Keep it up!
Minh Vu Matt Farney Minh Vu continues to impress me with his PPTQ organizational skills. His drive to contact stores directly was inspiring, while his tracking/publishing the dates of PPTQs and other regional events made things easier for the other judges in the region *AND* especially any players who wanted to grind thru the PPTQ season. Based on the non-local attendance in the PPTQs I’ve run, Minh’s tournament spreadsheet is having a noticeable effect.
Minh Vu Steven Briggs Minh has done a phenomenal job of answering questions in the forums both rulings related and event related. I really would like him to become an L3, but am very happy to recognize his excellent efforts in policy education, PPTQ development, and regional leadership in southern Ohio. Congrats Minh – keep up the great work!
Nathaniel Snyder Jarrod Williams Nathaniel, I want to thank you for the leadership you showed at Summer Regionals. You stepped right in and help educate newer staff members and helped them operate at a higher level during the day. I appreciated your willingness to help and your commitment to excellence. Keep up the great work.
Nick Richards David Elden Nick, in the events I’ve worked with you, your performance has been consistently marked by high enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, and a driven attitude toward self-improvement. Even when doing routine or non-glamorous tasks, you always give it your all. Please continue to be exemplary even at the times you don’t think anyone else is noticing.
Nick Richards Lexie Mettler Nick did a fantastic job when I worked with him at SCG Summer Regional Champs. When I was working the Legacy IQ, he was there to help me out and gave me a great recommendation on when to do deck checks for my event. I was blown away by how well he did at this event, and can’t wait to see him as a level 2.
Nick Richards Michael Anderson Your work on side events at Regionals was exemplary and belied your level. You were well organized, efficient and communicated well with the stage.
Patrick Nelson Matt Sauers You are a true hardcore gamer judge. Your dedication to serving the program by sheer volume of participation alone is a paradigm to the entire organization. There are few who throw themselves at events the way you do, and with your schedule. Thank you for single-handedly handling half the Comp REL events in our state, many times without help!
Patrick Nelson Sam Robinson

Pat is a networking hub for the Indiana Judges. He seemingly knows everyone and what everyone is up to any given weekend. That may sound silly and arbitrary but it’s what he does with that information that is key. He manages the Indiana PPTQ spreadsheet and is seemingly helping coordinate all the PPTQs in Indiana and gathering as much data about them as he can get his hands on.

It may seem small but I have greatly benefited from this information and have used it to help out players looking for PPTQs, TOs looking to schedule PPTQs around each other, and to help them schedule successful ones too.

The spreadsheet is one thing, but as I said before he is a networking hub. He always has information on what just about every Judge in Indiana is up to any given weekend, and how their events went, and is always using that feedback to help the judges that need help whether directly or indirectly. He takes care of those around him, and is always helping people to rise up to his level.

Patrick Nelson Chaz Estell Continuing to coordinate a document for state-wide PPTQs and making an effort to make sure all of them get judged, a valuable service to our local playerbase without which some events would not have fired.
Patrick Nelson Bret Siakel


Six months ago, you came to me for guidance. I’ve been asked to help judges before, but you were different. Typically, I’m asked something along the lines of, “I want to get L1, or L2, or L3. Can you help me with X?” However, you already had the skill set required, so I had nothing to teach you from a logistics/rules/policy perspective. Instead you asked for help on perception management. You wanted to be recognized as a judge who organizers would feel confident giving a premier event to head judge.

No easy task for any judge to take on. We first met in Indiana in February to lay down the preliminary ground rules. Be honest with yourself, get honest assessments from others, and avoiding the “FuFu-Cuddly Crap” feedback. Get the honest feedback and analyze that feedback. I could see on your face that some of it hurt to hear. Unfiltered honesty is a very hard thing to endure. However, you took it well and continued to ask for more. You learned from it, and applied what you learned to the next interaction you had.

Over the next four events we worked together, you focused on your presence, tone, and demeanor both on and off the floor when around other judges. I saw you develop over this time into a judge that command other’s attention with his presence. You got team lead positions and actually drove those teams to success rather than riding them to success.

Learning a new way to do deckchecks, a new rule in the CR, or any other hard-skill based growth is easy. The soft skills are the hard ones. You don’t learn soft skills, you grow yourself into them. That takes time, patience, endurance of failure, and strength of character.

You have now been recently asked to head judge a SCG PIQ in St. Loius. I am goddamn proud of you. You earned this position. Enjoy the hell out of it.

Peyton Turner Frank Singel Peyton, I admire your willingness and capability to drop whatever you are doing and lend yourself to fighting last-minute judge shortages in the Cleveland PPTQ scene. I’m sure many cities would be grateful for the amount of flexibility you’ve shown. It’s good to know you’ve got our backs when emergencies arise.
Randy Tice Daniel Jackson You did a awesome job at Gen Con. When we were super busy you kept the new players playing, and when we had no one around you kept our energy high and made sure we were fed and watered. Pleasure working with you, hope to do it again.
Randy Tice Adam Eidelsafy

Hey Randy,

When I put together the 1st Michigan Mini-Conference I was need of presenters, I got three, two experienced L2s and yourself. That’s what I find exemplary about you Randy, you were never one to be restricted by your level. You always find a way to contribute to anything you were a part of. Assigned to Side Events? You keep the players engaged and happy. Assigned to teach new player how to play Magic for all of Gencon? You infect them with your enthusiasm for Magic. No matter how ‘bad’ the task seemed to others, you were always happy to make a difference and it showed.

Until next time,

Randy Tice Cassidy Melczak I worked with Randy only briefly. I had to go back through the GP Detroit staff list and find his picture, since I didn’t know his name. Yet in the short time I worked with him, Randy displayed exemplary team spirit. He was enthusiastic, engaging with other judges and players and took a task that I’ve seen many judges dread (Sunday Sides) and absolutely take ownership of the role. Randy has only worked Vegas (which hardly counts) and Detroit. Yet he brought more to the table than far more ‘experienced’ judges. I would be a happy judge if he was always on my team.
Randy Tice Arthur Edson Randy has been very much pushing to help out TOs across the state. Even before he became an L2 (which was recently) he was doing more than many L2s do communicating with many TOs.
Sam Robinson Patrick Nelson Thank you for stepping up and taking so many PPTQs right out of the gate after certifying. It has been a big help to those of us that had a large number already to cut back to a more manageable number. I know you wanted to do more large events, like Detroit, but decided to put the local area first. You rock and keep up the amazing job!
Scott Binford Minh Vu Holding down the largest store in the area is quite a feat in of itself, but you have shown a strong deftness in handling tricky situations such as that very odd disqualification you had to perform. I know you are moving towards advancing to L2, and it won’t be easy for you since you must juggle so many responsibilities at once. Just know that you contributions to the local Magic community especially in conflict management do not go unnoticed.
scott williamson Minh Vu Scott, you have been a pillar of the eastern Cincinnati magic communities for years. I hear about your great work in the area almost every time I enter a eastern Cincinnati store; especially your outreach to newer players in teaching the game and helping them understand some of the underlying strategy that the game offers.
Spencer Cole Randy Tice Spencer- I want everyone to know the heart that you have for judging. You have been a huge inspiration to me! When I was unsuccessful passing my L2 test, you were one of my biggest supporter! You made sure I didn’t give up, even going so far as giving me scenarios and ideas on two different trips to Indy. I appreciate what you have done for me, and hope that you continue to not only inspire me, but to inspire others to look within themselves and see their own potential. I am glad to offer this recognition, and let everyone know that you are what this program is striving to recognize. Thank you so much Spencer, and keep up the excellent work!
Spencer Cole David Rappaport Since Certification, Spencer has been very involved and active in Community outside of his local area. His support of other judges and their goals has not gone unnoticed. Thank you Spencer for your Contributions.
Thomas Fritz Ben Litz Thanks for all your hard work in WKY; and also with the PPTQ spread sheet it’s been a real help in planning and organizing our limited resources here in KY.
Thomas Fritz Robert Romine Tommy is a judge whom I’ve gotten to know well over the past year. What has always impressed me with him is his willingness to step in and lend a helping hand when needed. He’s been a champion of the PPTQ circuit covering an unusually large area in southern KY and Middle Tennessee. He’s one of the better floor judges I’ve had the pleasure to work with, he’s always very high-energy and has a great rapport with his players.
William Colley Steven Briggs People don’t realize some of the health challenges you have faced, which for many people would have ended their judging career. People also do not see how incredibly generous you have been with your time and your resources (a box of Planechase fetching $500 in auction) to helping Cast a Spell. You have been a pillar in the Ohio community for many years, and today these contributions are recognized. Thank you Will Colley for being an excellent L2 all these years. I salute you with this recognition.
Zack Wisner Matt Sauers You are a caring, thoughtful, and player-oriented judge that deserves recognition for really utilizing your soft skills. Your exemplary maturity and interpersonal communications skills are a paradigm for our program to study. Thank you!

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