Custom Excerpts

“Excerpts” are the truncated versions of posts that are seen on archive pages (such as category listings).  By default, WordPress will just take the first bit of your post and chop it off after a while.  (It will also remove any content inside shortcodes, such as card images and judge images.)

An easy improvement to your site is to write short custom excerpts which will be used instead of the default.  If you see an “Excerpt” box beneath where you write your posts, just write it in there!  (If you don’t see the “Excerpt” box, take a quick look at the ‘Screen Options’ tab at theWAY top right, and make sure ‘Excerpt’ is checked.)

Once you enter some text in this custom excerpt box, your site will use that instead.

One bonus tip is that your Judge Hovers should show up if you add them in your custom excerpts!