Magic Card Images

All sites come with the Lems WP MtG Helper plugin enabled. It gives you easy access to two tools: Magic Card Tooltips  (hover effects) and easily embedded Magic card images.

To take advantage of these, you can either manually enter a shortcode, or use the quicktags in the HTML editor.

Card Images

Typing [cardimg]My First Tome[/cardimg], you’ll create this:

Alternatively, you can use the ‘MTG Image’ button when in HTML editing mode. Just highlight the card name you want to be an image, and click ‘MTG Image’

If you want your text to wrap around the card image, you can manually align the card by making this small adjustment:
align=right or align=left

If you ever want to stop the flow of elements from wrapping around the image, enter this tag:

[fix-float] and things will go back to normal.

Card Tooltips

By using ‘card’ instead of ‘cardimg’ in the syntax above, you’ll create this: Toy Boat

Tip: Alternatively, you can use the ‘MTG Hover’ button when in HTML editing mode. Just highlight the card name you want to be an image, and click ‘MTG Hover’

For Split and Fuse Cards,  type the card name as follows:  Far // Away  to get Far // Away

You can also add card hover images which have a different display text than the actual card name. Here’s an example:

[card text="Powerful Card"]Dwarven Pony[/card]

This will lead to: Powerful Card

Display version of a specific set

Sometimes you want to display a certain card image from a specific set. For example, you want to display the hover image of a Tarmogoyf from Future Sight rather than

[card set=FUT]Tarmogoyf[/card]

This will show us the old-school Tarmogoyf.

This also works for the images. Some of the set abbreviations are weird though. Limited Edition Alpha is officially abbreviated to LEA. But LEA does not work. Well, it does because the plugin takes care of that! Check out this sweet black-bordered Black Lotus:

Done with the following shortcode:
[cardimg set=LEA]Black Lotus[/cardimg]

So you should be able to define any sets with the handle listed for example on the Wikipedia article.

Quite likely though, that we did not find all inconsistencies of the official set names and the ones used by the gathered. If you find such an inconsistency, please let us know.