Site Description

While wordpress has a ‘tagline’ field, it does not really offer a way to provide a brief description of the site, but if we want some aggregated way to display content from various sites it is good to have such a description.

Network Summary Section
The network summary section. In this case the blog is not listed but it has a description available.

In the Settings>Reading section of each site you will find a section called Network Summary. In this section you see, whether your content is currently shown on such aggregated places. If the status is on not shown. and you would like to change that, contact Lems about it and promise him to be a more disciplined blogger in the future!

It certainly increases your chances of getting listed when you have a good description of your page available. That is what the large text field is for. Here you can provide a brief summary of your site. Basic formatting (bold, italic and links) are allowed. As well as the judge hover tags. Although there is no word limit, try to be brief. 2-3 lines are usually sufficient. But make sure you articulate complete, English sentences. You want to appear professional, right?

Site Description Widget

If you would like to reuse this description as well, feel free to do so. There is a new widget available that you can add to your page wherever you see fit. It is called…wait for it…description.