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On this blog, you should find every information relevant to the learning Sphere, from its goals to the details of each project that wanted to be part of it. You want to start a project, or you think something is missing ? Send an email to : spheres.learning@gmail.com.



The judge program is made of thousand of judges, all willing to share their knowledge, to involve themselves and give their time to the community. After a huge census of all projects, the Program Coordinators created the new spheres to group them in themes. It should help common projects to work together, and have a direct referent in case of any issue.

The goal of spheres in general is to exchange methodologies and techniques between the projects that are grouped together, thus achieving an advantage over them being (non-sphere) projects.

You can find the whole graph of spheres here.



“Provide judges with tools to improve skills that they need at tournaments”

The learning Sphere tries to gather documents and written materials that facilitate the improvement of judges online. It can be about rules or policy, or even more tournament oriented skills, like investigations or reviews. We tried to have an exhaustive list of judge projects related to learning, and list and sort them in this blog.

It does not include regional learning projects at the moment, but if you run a regional project that you think worth being expanded to an international one, please reach us at spheres.learning@gmail.com.

There are a lot of challenges in a sphere like the learning one, as a lot of judges are interested either to create a new project to share their passion, either to learn in order to improve. The main idea of the sphere is to be able to find online answers to your questions, whatever the topic is. It can be articles, tools for tournaments or guide to learn the rules. It also helps mentors or judges willing to start a new project to look into a database of projects.

Coordinating all projects related to the learning theme should help for several purposes

  • judges working on those projects may find help in related projects
  • judges looking to improve may find the project that can help them
  • judges having a new idea may check with other projects if their idea doesnt exist yet or if they can help in a related project.

Finally, some projects tend to be forgotten with time, and we will publish bimensual highlights of projects, so useful tools stay known by judges.

In this purpose, we tried to organize the sphere into several themes, that you’ll find on the Sphere Chart :



As you can see, the sphere is mostly divided in 3 parts, rules learning, policy and community. There is different ways to learn things, and we have articles, quizzes or reminders. We are all different learners, so different ways to transmit the knowledge are needed.
On the project page, you can find the list of projects. Click on the category you want to have a full description of projects !

The sphere gather more than 30 projects worldwide, and I wouldn’t be able to handle them by myself. It’s why I have around me an exceptional team of judges. They comes from diverses continent and volunteered to be a part of this huge sphere. They took responsibilities of some projects each, try to help their leader and also keep a regular contact with them. You can see who they are in the team page, and feel free to contact any of them if you have a question.

We have a lot of projects in this sphere, and we don’t want them to be forgotten. This is why regularly, you will find an highlight of a project, that will describe what they want to achieve and present their team. Don’t miss the publication !

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