Season 2018

What is Ancestral Recall :

For some times now, I have been searching for old articles on the blog.
Every week, I will present one of those articles, and the articles of each month will be focused on a specific theme.

Until today, I was only posting the episodes on the french judges Facebook group. Now an english version can be found here.

I hope this project will be useful to you and that you’ll enjoy it !

Feel free to PM me if you want to react to something.

You can also contact me if you want to share something related to the current month topic. I will put it in the next episode (anonymously or not, as you choose), and it will be useful to everyone 🙂

Charles-Henri Turpin

Charles-Henri Turpin

Episodes :

March 2018: difficult game endings

April 2018: Floor Judging

May 2018: Grand Prix

June 2018: The Exemplar Program

July 2018: Investigations

August 2018: Tournament Atmoshpere

September 2018: Mentoring

October 2018: Mistakes can be made

November 2018: Communication problems

December 2018: Feedback


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