Card Counting Challenge

Welcome to the Card Counting Challenge page. The goal is to gather here all the scenarios, and publish regularly news about the project.

Here is the list of the current scenarios, with small introduction:

  1. AER standard: A player does not remember if they drew for the turn. It is a good scenario to unravel to people in seminars, as it gots a lot of interactions to notice.
  2. AKH sealed: A twisted scenario were taking into consideration every element is necessary to know if an extra draw occured.
  3. Modern Life Problem: On turn 3, all the life totals are lost, you need to figure out what were they. A Monitorless version is also available (the monitorless version is easier).
  4. HOU sealed: Another Amonkhet block sealed, another drawing extra card suspicion. This scenario is easier than the AKH sealed.
  5. Money Counting Challenge – XLN Sealed: The goal will be to count the number of treasures of a player. To do so, some counting cards will be involved.
  6. IMA Sealed – Monitorless: As the previous monitorless scenario, life totals are missing. Being given all the information, you need to recreate the game. This is a good puzzle to solve individually.
  7. Approach of the 7th Card – XLN Standard: A player is not sure about where should be their opponent’s Approach of the Second Sun. It is a challenging twist in the countings, as it is not possible to track down everything from the beginning of the game.
  8. Modern Tron vs Jeskaï: A scenario that happened at GP London 2018. Tron player put back lands in their hand, and cannot remember how many of those should be on the battlefield.
  9. DAR Sealed: This situation happened in a Dominaria Pre-release. A spectator believes that a player has more lands than possible on the battlefield.
  10. Common Draws – Pauper: A scenario created thanks to a situation brought by Juha Ihonen. Active Player shuffled with their Ponder, and the players disagree on whether AP drew a card after that or not.
  11. RNA sealed: An easy level scenario, where the judge needs to figure out if a player forgot to draw a card or not with Dovin’s Acuity trigger.
  12. NEO draft: An easy level scenario, where the judge needs to figure out if a player played an extra land in a Kamigawa, Neon Dynasty draft.

Note that at the end of each document can be found a link to a pdf file containing the proxies to print. All the scenarios and their traductions can be found in this google drive.

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