L1 Candidates

Here you will find all the links you need for the Road to Level 1, projects or otherwise.


Certification Process

Getting started
Advancement Requirements
Level 1 exam subjects You can compare the list of subjects covered with the list for the Level 2 exam to get a better sense of what is not required for L1.


Official Documents

Comprehensive Rules
Judging at Regular
Magic Tournament Rules With a specific emphasis on Section 2, Section 10, and Appendix B
Magic Judge Code Required reading for L1
Disqualification Documents Useful to have read at least once


Rules – Learning

Mystical Tutor Audiovisual presentations
JudgeCast – Learn to Judge Podcasts
Judging for the Win – Youtube Videos
Judging for the Win – L1 Prep Articles
Judge Candidate Textbook Articles
Judge Classes Articles


Rules – Practicing

Official Practice Tests Rules Practice & Level 1 Practice. You need to create a JudgeApps account for this.
Rules Guru Practice Questions. You can select difficulty levels, formats, specific areas of the rules.
Judge Booth Practice Questions. You can select difficulty levels.
New Set Quizlets Practice Questions
Flash Cards Practice Questions. Can be printed out to use on the go.
Facebook Study Group Practice Questions
Judge Classes Practice Questions
Cranial Insertion Rules Q&A sites. Not ideal but if you’ve already exhausted the above options and hunger for more it’s an option. You could see how many questions you can answer for yourself without reading the answer.
Facebook Ask the Judge
MTG Salvation



 Android MTG Familiar Free
Judge Core App Free
Bugko Free
iPhone Bugko Free
MTG Guide Paid (but worth every penny)
Windows Phone Bugko Free
Paper Judge Booklet Customize your own pages, print out and use as a cheat sheet


Written by Toby HazesIf you know of any other resources that could be listed here, let me know!

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