Episode 1

Hey there !

Today, a new cycle of Ancestral Recall starts ! This month, we are looking into the basics of judging: the floor judging.

The first piece has been written by Kevin Desprez and focuses on how to watch a game as efficiently as possible. Please note that David Lyford-Smith also wrote about this subject and Kevin is quoting him a few times with his approval πŸ™‚

Everyone has already watched a game during a tournament. What I found interesting in this piece is that Kevin starts from a few assessments :

  • A lot of judges do not play enough to understand immediately what is going on in a game and do not necessarily want to/have time to spend to focus on a specific game just to know what is happening.
  • Exactly knowing what is going on in a game often allows to spot gameplay errors, suspect behaviours or understanding players reactions.
  • There are tips and tricks allowing to quickly enter into a game even if one does not know the format or the played decks well

Starting from this, after explaining that yes, one can be a judge and not like playing that much and that is not bad, the article gives the keys to be efficient despite that when watching a Magic game as a judge. And in the end… it makes us want to do it !

This article is really interesting. I personally enjoy watching games a lot, and I loved it for all its tricks allowing to have a summary of the game in the blink of an eye. I also noticed that it removes the complexes of the judges that do not like that or find watching games boring, giving them alternative possibilities, thus making the desire to look further into a game grow.

Anyway, a very good piece to start this series !

Have a nice read and see you next week ! πŸ˜‰

efficiently watching magic

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