The Grand Prix Team-Lead-in-Training Position (TLTP)

The Grand Prix Team-Lead-in-Training Position (TLTP) Team-Lead-in-Training Position is a step in the Level 3 certification process. Its goal is to provide a meaningful position. We want judges with this certification be able to use it. And we want to reward judges who have it. This is something we can’t offer to a large group of people, but we can offer it to our future generation of Leaders in the Program: the prospective Level 3 judges. We want to take the best of both worlds: like in the old

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TLTP Step 2: The practical exam.

TLTP Step 2: The practical exam. This article is only about the Step 2 of the TLTP certification. If you want to read all the general information of the TLTP, about Step 1 - Interview, the thresholds… you will find everything you need in this article. After passing the interview, the candidate has demonstrated theoretical knowledge and understanding of policy and interaction with judges on the floor of a Grand Prix. The next step is a practical exam where the candidate should demonstrate

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