Magic Judge Monthly: October 2015

Welcome to the October edition of Magic Judge Monthly! Read all about the happenings in our worldwide judge community over the last month.

John Temple promoted to L3 at Grand Prix Atlanta

Congratulations to John Temple (USA) on his promotion to L3 at Grand Prix Atlanta!


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Introducing the Review Experts Project and Blog

L3 Jeremie Granat introduces the Review Experts Project and Blog, which aims to provide personalized feedback and mentoring, designed to help improve your reviews!

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Magic Rules Tips blog exclusive Commander 2015 spoiler

The Magic Rules Tips blog has an exclusive Magic Judge #MTGC15 preview for us: Command Beacon!


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Tweaking the new DEC Rules

L5 Toby Elliott clarifies the philosophy behind the latest changes to Drawing Extra Cards on the IPG, including a tweak to the wording on the document.

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Magic Judge Monthly: September 2015

Find out about all the important updates and news for our Judge community over the last month.


Sealed Pool Procedure update

Organized Play Director Hélène Bergeot announces a Sealed Pool Procedure update starting with GP Sydney and GP Madison.

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Aaron Hamer appointed as Interim Judge Manager

Aaron Hamer has been appointed as Interim Judge Manager until a permanent replacement for Andy Heckt is found.


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Battle for Zendikar Policy Changes

L5 Toby Elliott explains the Battle of Zendikar changes to the IPG and MTR in his blog, including some tweaks to Drawing Extra Cards!

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Battle for Zendikar Release Notes

Get ready for the Battle for Zendikar Prereleases! The Release Notes for the new set have been published on the official Wizards of the Coast site.

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