M15 Policy Changes

With the new set we also have a couple of policy changes affecting mainly the Infraction Procedure Guide (IPG) and the Judging at Regular (JAR). Various High Level judges share their perspective on the changes that will help you getting familiar with them as soon as possible.
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Redefinition of Level 2 – Area Judge

Andrew Heckt made public that effective August 1st, 2014 there will be a new definition for Level 2. This includes the definition, the pre-certification interview requirements, the certification items itself and also a set of recommended items, that should be met by candidates when advancing to Level 2. For full details check the announcement on Judge Apps. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any Level 3+ judge.

Magic 2015 Core Set Release Notes

The Release Notes for this year's core set Magic 2015 Core Set have been published on the official Wizards of the Coast webpage. Make sure you check them out, so that you are ready for the Prereleases!
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Daniel Kitachewsky promoted to Level 4!

From Moscow reaches us the news that Daniel Kitachewsky has been promoted to Level 4.
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Magic Judge Monthly: May

This year's May edition of Magic Judge Monthly is out and this time they are asking for something in return for their great content: At the end there is a survey to find out more about their audience. We hope you find the time to answer those few questions and in doing so helping the team to create even better news in the future.
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Conspiracy Release

With the release of their Summer set Conspiracy introduces Wizards a whole bunch of new cards and mechanics. With the official release follow release notes and even minor changes in the Magic Tournament Rules.
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Magic Judge Monthly: April

With a bit delay due to PT Atlanta last weekend, we present you the Magic Judge Monthly for the month April. The release of a new set always also leads to more content in the judge program, so make sure you check out the latest edition to be on top of all the news!
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Journey into Nyx Policy Changes

Those who follow the updates on JudgeApps and other social media likely already know that with the release of the new set, there is also a new set of policy documents effective. As usual Toby Elliott provides judges and players a great service by explaining the changes in his blog.
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Journey into Nyx Release Notes

The Journey into Nyx Release Notes have been posted, we hope you are already all pumped for the upcoming prerelease this weekend! The set will be officially launched on May 2.
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Magic Judge Monthly: March

As usual the Magic Judge Monthly is a relief for all those busy judges that could not keep up with the news and updates in the program. To be fair, this is not an easy task as the growth of the program also means there are so much more news every month! Check out Magic Judge Monthly to see what happened in March.