Magic Judge Monthly: December 2014

Welcome to the December edition of Magic Judge Monthly! Make sure to take a few minutes to catch up with the Judge happenings over the holidays!

Second Exemplar Wave opened

The window for the second Exemplar Wave opens today. The deadline for submissions is February 28 and as already previously announced this time it is also open to Level 2 judges. To facilitate the large number of submissions the process of entering them has been shifted to JudgeApps. Make sure you follow the information posted on the Exemplar Blog.

Change on handling Morphs

Toby Elliot had an early Christmas present for GP Baltimore when he announced an immediately effective change to the IPG. Not revealing a morph card when required by the rules (leaving the battlefield or at the end of the game) does no longer lead to a Game Loss. Sounds like a lot less head-ache for players and judges in this regard. Make sure to check out Toby's full article for a in-depth explanation of the reasoning behind the change.

Magic Judge Monthly: November 2014

Welcome to the November edition of Magic judge Monthly! With the end of the year and holidays coming up soon, make sure you take some time to catch up on recent happenings before the new year!

Introduction of the Judge Conduct Committee

Sean Catanese Level 4, United StatesSean introduces the Judge Conduct Committee and with it, the first version of the Magic Judge Code and the judge feedback form. The Magic Judge Code is our new code of conduct document. You can …
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Magic Judge Monthly: October 2014

Welcome to the October edition of Magic Judge Monthly! We hope that you have a few minutes to flick through our magazine and catch up on everything that's happened over the last month!

Magic Judge Monthly: September 2014

Welcome to the September edition of your favorite magazine for the busy Judge! Skim through this issue or read all the topics in depth, we’re sure you’ll find something exciting and new (like the updated L2 status requirements).

Regional Coordinator Advisory Committee – Hall of Fame member

Wizards of the Coast introduces the Regional Coordinator Advisory Committee, an independent committee comprised of Magic Judge Regional Coordinators and Jon Finkel, an elected member of the Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame.
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Khans of Tarkir Policy Changes

L5 Toby Elliott and L4 Kim Warren provide judges and players with explanations on the new set of policy documents released along with Khans of Tarkir.
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Khans of Tarkir Release Notes

Get ready for the Khans of Tarkir Prereleases! The Release Notes for the new set have been published on the official Wizards of the Coast webpage.
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