Community Blogs

The Feedback Loop

Feedback sustains the improvement and growth of individuals.
The growth of individuals sustains the growth of the Judge Program.
Thus, feedback sustains the growth of the Judge Program.

Judge of the Week

Each week, see your judging rockstars! Read about featured judges from all around the world!

The Exemplar Program

This is the official blog of the Magic Judge Exemplar Program. It aims to recognize the exemplary contributions and efforts Judges of all levels.

Judge Anniversaries

Here at Judge Anniversaries, we like to give a pat on the back to those Magic judges who have survived in this hobby for arbitrary amounts of time.

The Battlefield Forge

The Battlefield Forge is a blog site for tournament reports from judges all around the world.

Program Coordinators Blog

Updates from the official Magic Judge Program Coordinators (Toby, Alfonso, Sean, Kevin, and Kim)

Travel Guides

Travel Guides for Grand Prix and Pro Tour destinations, written by Magic Judges!

Judge Conferences

The Judge Conferences Blog presents the works from the whole Conferences Sphere, who oversees Judge Conferences all over the world, assisting Regional Coordinators on preparations for the best possible experience for attendees, and helping knowledge transfer through the seminar library and conferences historical data.

The Road to Level 3

The L3 testing manager talks about the L3 advancement process and everything you need to know to become a Regional Judge.

Judge Conduct Committee

This is the blog of the Judge Conduct Committee. The Committee exists to decide when a judge’s conduct is a problem and how that misconduct should be resolved from the Judge Program’s perspective. The Committee maintains the Magic Judge Code and is responsible for the processes which support it.