Project Blogs

Projects are a great way to get involved in the program and work with others who share your passion.  Here are blogs from just some of those projects.


JudgeCast is a biweekly podcast currently hosted by Jess Dunks and Bryan Prillaman. We cover judging news, policy, rules, listener e-mails, and occasionally (frequently) slip into banter about the judging world and our experiences.

JudgeApps Help and Updates

JudgeApps is the official event management and forum site for judges. Stay up to date with all the updates here.

Player Experience

The Player Experience Blog, part of the Outreach Sphere.

The Exemplar Program

This is the official blog of the Magic Judge Exemplar Program. It aims to recognize the exemplary contributions and efforts Judges of all levels.

How To Guides

Welcome to the How To Guides. Within our archives you’ll find handy guides that will tell you how to perform various judge-related tasks.

Planar Bridge

Official Blog of the Planar Bridge project. Our goal is to hear the perspectives of as many judges as we can, and to share that perspective with the folks who can do the most to help. We aim to run a meeting at every GP where anyone can bring topics, ask questions and discuss about the judge program and it’s construction. This blog is a platform to share notes from those meetings, receive feedback, and discuss actionable items proposed.

Judge Articles

Get the latest (or archived) judge articles on this site. Need a place to publish your judge article? You just found that, too!

Conference Content

All the magic conference Content classified in one site

Judge Games

Review Experts Blog

We're the Review Experts. If you're looking for help with reviews (getting better, writing some, looking for tips and tricks), or looking for feedback on a specific item (a Level 3 self review, a particularly difficult or contentious evaluation review), we're here to help you. Give us a call at!

Communication Sphere


Welcome to the Blogs Help Site.  You’ll find the basic information about how this network is set up, how you can get a site for your project, group, or community, and some tips for managing your site.