The globe is split up into 25 regions, with a judge in each region assigned as the Regional Coordinator.

Regional Coordinators can assist you with the following things:

  • Provide a regional person whom judges can contact with for questions about the judge program.
  • Provide a regional resource for organizers and distributors seeking judges for events.
  • Provide the region with a spokesman to the program leadership.
  • Provide a leader for whom the program can use to communicate to judges in the region.
  • Providing assistance to WotC or Distributors’ representatives for major tournaments within their area.
  • Involved in player investigations in their region.
  • Consulted on serious matters regarding judges in their area.
  • Consulting them about sponsorships of deserving judges.
  • Proactive recruitment of rules advisors into judges.
  • Major event and conference support for judge training.
  • Assisting in recognition of judge efforts in their region.
  • Helping L1 judges gain experience and skill to advance to Level 2.
  • Report on major events in their region.
  • Involvement in the certification process during GPs
  • Mediate and help in conflicts in their region involving judges and/or Tournament Organizers.
  • Foster acquisition of new L1 judges.
  • Cooperate and coordinate tasks with L3s in their region.
  • Provide assistance with the L3 Advancement process by evaluating the self-reviews provided by L3 candidates, creating L3 Assessment Exams, and advising the L4s about potential L3 candidates.

Certified Judges may contact their Regional Coordinator through the Regions page on JudgeApps.

Others may contact Regional Coordinators through the Regional Coordinator Contact Form.