Conference Content Update: March 2015

Hello Magic Judges,

This past month Iva Kleiner took some time and made adjustments to our website in order to improve navigation. So, now you guys know who to thank for making it a bit easier to catch up on the newest seminars. If anyone has any suggestions for improvement you can always send me a private message through judge apps.

The most recent additions to the Conference Content blog came from the Europe East Winter Conference.

The newest topics include:

Common issues in WER and scorekeeping,  Magic Judge Conduct,  How to Get to a Grand Prix and How to Rule.

Our pick of the month is:

Magic Judge Conduct by Georgi Benev.

Georgi created a seminar about Judge Conduct. Since the Code of Conduct is a recent creation there are still many questions about what it is, isn’t, and what impact it has on our non-judging lives. The program has grown rapidly and consists of people from many different backgrounds. It is important to spread the message of what is expected of a judge once they have certified.

Thanks to Ivan Petkovic, Ivan Stefanov, Georgi Benev, and Giorgos Trichopoulos for their submissions.