Conferences Policies and Guidelines: May Update

Hello everyone!

After some time, we’ve revisited our conferences guidelines which can be found here and produced some updates. Nothing too major or shocking, but some additions and corrections to the process which happened over time and now get to be in our formal documentation.

Basically the changes are:

  • Added a reference to Leadership Conferences (for which we’re also adding guidelines in the Project page).
  • Cleared some links and references to the Content Project which became outdated as they changed how and where they operate.
  • Clarified what happens and what to do with leftover support units which were previously left for RC use and are now to be used in next conference support.
  • Changes (or rather formalized) how we need people that are added directly into conferences (and not by applying such as other organizers, sometimes presenters, etc) and how to reflect actual attendance post-event.

Many thanks to Johanna and her team for this update and we look forward everyone’s feedback on its use!