New Feedback forms!

Damian Hiller L3, Argentina

Damian Hiller L3, Argentina

Conferences are all about learning and in order to learn better how to do conferences and presentations, the loop must be closed by letting people know how they did during the conference so we can improve even more for next time!

For a presenter or organizer your feedback is most valuable in order to keep getting better each time.

For that purpose, we’re happy to introduce you our newest suggested feedback forms. Based on George Gavrilita’s article, “Seminar Feedback“, these new forms look forward making it easy for attendants to provide their thoughts in a constructive manner while at the same time attempting not to be daunting at trying it.

We present them in two forms:

  • Printable, so you can prepare them before the conference and distribute them onsite (you can find Docx and PDF versions).
  • Online (in the form of a GoogleDoc) so you can have it tweaked to your own conference and get the input electronically.

These and all the other tools available for a conference organizer can be found on our Policies and Guidelines section.
My many thanks to all the people who contributed and helped putting this together:

Aruna Prem Bianzino
Ivan Petkovic
Stephen Wise
David Carroll
David Poon
Nik Zitomer