Conferences Policies – January 2017 update!

Nicholas Zitomer L2, USA

Nicholas Zitomer L2, USA

Hello everyone! The conference guidelines have once again been updated with recent changes in our procedures and policies. We’ve recently undergone some changes in how conferences are foil-supported, and those changes are now reflected in the policies themselves. We’ve also clarified what some best practices should be for the many types of conferences that exist around the program.

The changes are for the most part simply reflecting changes you’ve already seen described on conference support. The policy now includes revised text describing what qualifies as a supported-conference versus what doesn’t, and some suggestions on how each type of conference should be organized, particularly with suggestions for number of sessions expected at each type.

We have also combined the information describing how to organize a Leadership Conference into the Policies document, simply for clarity and consistency. With the new way conferences are being supported, it makes sense to have all of these together now.

Thanks for taking the time to read about these updates, and I hope your future conferences are all successful and fun!

You can find the updated documents, as well as additional tools to help organize your conferences on our Conference Policies and Guidelines page.