Updates to Conferences Support – November 2017

Damian Hiller L3, Argentina

Damian Hiller L3, Argentina

Hello everyone!

If you’ve been paying attention to Exemplar announcements, you’ll have read that both spheres are working side by side to coordinate how we use promotional cards, and figure out the best way to get them to your hands. One of the steps we’re trying to take is make the time difference between cards getting to Exemplar distribution and the time it takes to get those same cards to conferences shorter.

The new conferences cards show this perfectly, as we’re totally alligned with the recent Exemplar wave. For the next couple of months this is what you’ll be receiving if you attend a conference:

Resultado de imagen para gaddock teeg promo

Resultado de imagen para prismatic geoscope promoDoran, the Siege Tower - Judge Promo 2017

Another change we’re implementing, starting with this wave, is that we won’t be providing a different card for Organiers and Presenters anymore, and instead award these roles with an additional pack.

The reasons behind this change are multiple and mostly have to do with separate cards creating more issues (logistics, tracking, division of support, long term planning of card use, etc) than the value it was providing. Though I’m a firm believer that these roles are very important for the success of conferences and need to be properly recognized, we identified that there was no need to continue the old tradition of having separate stuff for each role and we could unifiy the support in a single pack which will give regions more bandwidth on how to use their support available.

Thanks for reading!