Call to Prague!

Klaus Lassacher L2, Austria

Klaus Lassacher L2, Austria

Alexander Papageorgiou L2, Greece

Alexander Papageorgiou L2, Greece

Greetings, L2+ judges!

A few times per year, we have a unique opportunity.

Whether our common point is a city, a country, or a region, we all gather around a single campfire and share our stories. Stories of successes and failures, stories that inspire hope and awe, stories that teach and make us laugh. The old complain, and the young attempt to fix what isn’t broken.

Join us this year, as we attempt to light the largest campfire we’ve ever had.

The international L2+ Conference!


May 5-6, strategically placed between GP Bologna and GPs Birmingham, and a local holiday (so make sure to book fast – details in the conference page)


Prague, is the historical capital of the kingdom of Bohemia (and beer), where this video clip was shot. (hint: try the other links too!)

We are working really hard to make sure we can deliver one of the best conferences in the universe. Be there and watch it happen! 😉


See you there,

The Prague Conference team