Europe East Highlights – July 2019

europeeasthighlights2Dear East European Judges,

Welcome to another edition of monthly highlights in our region, meant to sum up everything interesting and relevant that has happened here over the last month.


  • Remember back when I told you 2019 will be “the year of changes”? Well, after changes to organized play, new Judge Uniform Guidelines and an update to the Magic Judge Code (to name a few) here comes Judge Academy and is all like “Hold my beer”…
    Let’s break this down:
  • The Next Era of Magic JudgingFuture of the Judge Program, The Judge Academy website and FAQ (if you only read one thing, this is the most informative article), and specifically for our region – The Road Ahead.
    Further reading can be found on the AMA with Judge Academy.
    In addition to all of the above, on August 9th there will be a Program Coordinator AMA where you can post your concerns and questions.
  • As a personal note from me – We have a rather long grace period before this change comes into effect. Some will praise it, some will be entirely against it, most will fall somewhere in the middle. Since this will eventually require you to spend hundreds of dollars in fees, I strongly suggest you do your own research and decide if this is worthwhile to you rather than blindly go by what several others are saying.
  • Exemplar Wave 18 closes on Tuesday August 13th. This will be the last wave for some time, and your last chance to recognize exemplary fellow judges.
  • Policy Changes for Core 2020, and July tournament rules release notes.



  • The Europe – East fall conference of 2019 will take place August 31st at Belgrade, Serbia. You can apply here until August 3rd. It will probably be our last activity as a formal region.


That’s it for this month’s highlights edition.