Exemplar Wave 7 Spotlight – Christopher Byrne

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our series of highlighted exemplar recognitions. See our introduction post for all the details, or view all the posts in this series.

Chris Byrne is a Level 1 Judge from Flat Rock, Michigan. His nominations during Wave 7 focused on his efforts in nurturing a community of judges and players. Here is what those nominating judges had to say about Chris’s efforts:

Nurturer“Chris, You have really stepped up as an L1 at Pandemonium determined to make it the judge mecca it once was. You have shown an above average skill at mentoring candidates to L1 and running Comp REL level events. Keep up all the hard work!noticed John Temple.

Chris, your commitment to developing and nurturing a community of both inclusion and education has been remarkable. You have created a Facebook group where your players can easily communicate with each other. You answer rules and policy questions here as well as creating scenarios using Standard format cards that prompt engaging discussions and aid in reinforcing your educational efforts. You also focus heavily on fostering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere among your players through your strong personal example.

At numerous events I have judged, players from this community have approached me to compliment your rigorous efforts to create a positive gaming environment. These players have also been walking examples of the virtues you exude; welcoming, kind, and always willing to help another player. You are a great addition to the Judge community and truly an exemplary individual. Thank you for sharing your passion for community with us all.commends Scott Markwart.

Here’s what Scott Markwart, a Michigan L2, had to say when asked for further comment:

A group of people coming together to play Magic is a great thing. But what Chris is building goes beyond just bringing Magic players together. With multiple social media venues for players to arrange practice time, setup trades, and discuss decklists, Chris is keeping players connected beyond the time they spend in the game store.

With the recent popularity of the casual format Frontier, Chris responded quickly to community interest and coordinated Frontier events.  And he publishes the top weekly decklists on the store’s website with commentary on their performance, sometimes written by the winning player.  This attention helps everyone improve their play, while giving several players the kind of treatment they would receive if they had just made the Top 8 of a StarCityGames Open!

Chris does his best to build up the people in his community.  And it is quite remarkable to watch those same people, in turn, build up not just each other but new players as well.  Keep up the excellent work, Chris!

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