Monthly Recap: September 2018

September 2018

Hello again, friends! September was a month characterized as business as usual. While we had no major announcements last month, staying up-to-date with the routine business of the Judge program is an important part of keeping your knowledge current!

Analyzing an Investigation

And speaking (writing) of staying current, check out this cheating investigation analysis! At the mock tournament in Howell, Michigan this past August, David Elden recorded a cheating investigation as it unfolded on camera. Check out the initial investigation as well as a post-mortem, all available below:

Guilds of Ravnica Release

The end of September featured a bevy of information about Magic’s return to the plane of Ravnica. With an early October rotation of Standard, Guilds of Ravnica sought to immerse players in 5 of the 10 guilds that populate the city-plane. Read all about the new set, its mechanics, and card-specific notes here:

Town Hall Minutes

Our monthly regional meeting provided a few updates of note to operations within the region. Work on getting the swag store up and running is currently underway. And a regional survey will be made available to all Great Lakes Judges soon.

Maintenance exams are real and they will be coming your way in the new year. As long as you stay current on the rules and policy updates, you should have nothing to worry about. Perhaps you may want to peruse the Set Digests produced by David Elden and his team over at Judging for the Win. Plus everyone will have more than one attempt to pass their maintenance exam.

For the full meeting minutes, please check them out below. We have also condensed all of the town hall’s meeting minutes into a single, living document for easier reference:

Exemplar Wave 14 Announced

Four times a year, Judges have the opportunity to both recognize and be recognized for the exceptional work they do in the execution of their tasks. The 14th wave of Exemplar nominations have been released. Read all about the exemplary deeds of your compatriots here:


And speaking of exemplary, we had the privilege of recognizing 2 stalwart members of the Great Lakes region and their commitment to Judging in September. Celebrating his 5 year Judg-iversary is current Conferences Project Lead David Elden. And celebrating his 15 year Judg-iversary is current regional treasure Andrew Thompson. Thank you both for the indelible marks you have each left on this region and this program!

New Judges

The Great Lakes Region is very happy to welcome two new Judges to the program this month! Please join me in extending a hearty welcome to Steven Harvey and Kendal Merrick! We all look forward to the opportunity to Judge alongside you in the future!

Closing Remarks

As we roll on into October, we will have a major rotation of sets in Standard and an update to the MTR regarding reversing decisions. Make sure you are staying current as updates become available so that you can give the most accurate and current rulings!

Pass turn.

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