Judge Blogs launches its official theme

So far the only available theme on the network has been the Twenty Ten Theme, released by WordPress itself. We still like the simplicity and style of this theme, but also reached certain limitations when it comes to developing future features of the network. Thus we decided to take the current theme and adapt it to our specific needs. The result is the Judge Blogs Theme!

The new theme should be fully compatible with your existing content and won’t change any major parts of the layout. It only contains some small tweaks on the typography like fonts and colors. But it offers you more features, for example:

And more features are coming!

Can I have a preview?

Of course you can! The theme is already active on the root blog page and the popular Judge Articles page. You can also preview the theme on your own blog before activating it.

How can I switch to the new theme?

You can select the theme in your Admin Dashboard in the Menu Appearance > Themes. It is called Judge Blogs.

Where is my header picture?

Unfortunately the Theme switch resets the header picture for the blog. But as we did not change the dimensions of the picture, you should be able to reset it quickly without any cropping. You can find this under Appearance > Header.

I now see only excerpts on my front page

Content options in the customizer
Content options in the customizer

Yes, the default option currently is to show only excerpts instead of full posts on the front page. Either you keep it like that, or you can change this behavior. Simply click “Customize” on the theme and select your preference in the Content Options tab (see example left).

Do I have to switch the theme?

Not right away. We keep the old one available for the next couple of months. But to provide a more consistent and comprehensive image of the judge blogs, we encourage everybody to switch.

Something is not working! I need help.

No worries, we are here to help you! Contact us via our User Group on Judge Apps or directly via any other channel. Also if you have any future feature requests, please let us know.