Why Blog on MagicJudges.org?

While blogs.magicjudges.org houses close to 100 total blogs, some judges choose to set up their blog somewhere else, such as BlogSpot or Tumblr.  This is totally fine, of course – I’d never tell someone they HAVE to blog with us.  However, I do want to make sure  potential bloggers understand some of the benefits that being on blogs.magicjudges.org can provide over those other systems.

Blogs on blogs.magicjudges.org…

 Are easier to remember and find.

– Nobody has to remember if you’re on Tumblr, BlogSpot, or some custom domain.

Tend to show up higher in Google search results.

– the magicjudges.org domain name has very high page rank, and Google values content on it highly.  For example, despite the fact ‘rikipedia’ is right in the url of Riki’s blogspot blog, googling ‘rikipedia blog’ returns his magicjudges.org blog ( The Feedback Loop ) right at or near the top.

Are aggregated into our Judge Blog Portal.

– Sorted with the newest entries at the top, the Blog Portal is a great way for readers to discover your content.

Have special tools for working with Magic cards and Magic Judges.

– Want to talk about Surrak, the Hunt Caller? Or talk about how great Robbit‘s last blog post was?  We make it nice and easy!

Are indexed and available from our custom search engine.

– Only content located on Judge Blogs and the Judge Wiki can be found with this tool: http://blogs.magicjudges.org/search/


If you’re a certified Magic Judge, and want to start a blog for yourself, your community, or a project you’re involved with – please go ahead and Request a Site!

– Lems