Judge of the Week is a program designed to provide recognition to judges who perform excellent work on a consistent basis. Judges all across the world are doing amazing things, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all of it. Judge of the Week tries to shine a spotlight on judges all across the world, so that their work does not go unnoticed.

Each week, a new judge will be selected from the pool of nominations to be the Judge of the Week.  The selected judge will be interviewed, and the interview will be published on this blog. The interview questions were created to generate meaningful answers from the selected judge, and create a profile of the judge that will cause readers to think more than just “Oh, neat.”

Nominations are gathered in three ways:
The Regional Coordinators – Chosen to represent their regions, the RCs are the best way to ensure that Judge of the Week recognizes judges from all around the world.
The Judge of the Week – After being recognized by his/her peers, the Judge of the Week must “pay it forward” and provide recognition to another judge.
YOU! – Your opinion matters, whether you’re a player, judge, tournament organizer, or anyone else. Let us know who you would like us to recognize by nominating that judge.

Has a judge impressed you with his/her work ethic, mentorship skills, player communication, or something else? Nominate that judge today!

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