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Do you have suggestions for the Judge of the Week team? Send us an e-mail at Let us know:
– What information you’d like to read about from the Judge of the Week
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Who are the members of the Judge of the Week team?

ArrowsmithMichael Arrowsmith, L2, USA
Team Lead/Editor
Besides being the Editor of the JOTW project, he is also a very active events judge, regularly found judging on the floor of an Open or GP. He is also a JOTW alum!

JacobMJacob Milicic, L2, USA

raoulRaoul Mowatt, L2, USA
Raoul is a L2 judge out of Chicago, Illinois. He’s not just a writer for Judge of the Week. He’s also a JOTW alum.

KarrMatthew Karr, L2, USA
Copy Editor

Abby Kraycar
Abby Kraycar, L2, USA

Benjamin Coursey
Benjamin Coursey, L2, USA

Jonathan HollandJonathon Holland, L2, USA

Project Advisors and Overseer

TempleJohn Temple, L3, USA
John was formerly the leader of this team project! John resides in Detroit, Mi where he currently enjoys long walks on the lake with his fiance and his little girl!

Stephan ClassenStephan Classen, L3, USA

CarlosCarlos Ho, L3, Spain
Project Overseer
As a former lonely judge in the small country of Panama (now residing in Spain), Carlos is really excited about how the Judge of the Week will allow us to showcase people from small communities such as Central America’s.

Finally, a special thanks goes to Jason Lems, L3 extraordinaire, for getting this blog up and running.

Current banner created by Steffen Baumgart of Germany.

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