Notifications are your way of getting notified that something happened on JudgeApps. You can control your notification settings by clicking on your name under the Magic Judge logo, then clicking “Edit Profile and Settings”.

There are two types of notifications: on-site and email.

On-site notifications show up in the Notifications section of the sidebar, just under your name, and you will only see them when you log in. (These are very similar to Facebook notifications.)

Email notifications are just what they sound like – you receive an email when the event takes place!

Forum Notifications

Notifications get more interesting in the forum section, because of the multiple levels where they can be set.  The setting on your Settings Page (above) is treated as your “default” setting.  This can be overridden for any given Forum or Topic using the settings at the top of the given Forum/Topic.

Some screenshots walking you through configuring individual forum notification settings are below (courtesy of Bob Narindra):