Creating an Event

JudgeApps Events are a great way to find and hire judges to work at your Magic: the Gathering events. Anything from an in-store event to a Mythic Championship is staffed through JudgeApps, and JudgeApps is the best way to organize events that require multiple judges.

If you aren’t yet registered for JudgeApps, and you’re looking for a judge to work with for the first time, we recommend contacting the Regional Coordinator for your area. They can help you understand the judge staffing process and put you in touch with nearby judges.

JudgeApps Event Policies

JudgeApps Events are intended for the following two reasons:

  • To solicit staff members for an event which includes a Magic: the Gathering tournament:
    • The event does not need to be sanctioned.
    • Soliciting for Organized Play roles other than Judges is permitted only if you are also soliciting Judge staff for the same event.
      • “Organized Play” roles include Scorekeepers, Registration, Customer Service, Setup/Breakdown, etc.
      • All but the largest events should combine all judge/ops/scorekeeper positions into one solicitation. Large events such as MagicFests may separate them out.
    • Roles entirely unrelated to the Magic: the Gathering Judge Program (e.g. sales, security, food services, and so on) may not be solicited on JudgeApps.
      • “Unrelated” roles include sales, security, video production, and so on.
    • Details of compensation and work shifts must be included in the solicitation or otherwise available to all eligible applicants
  • To advertise an event primarily focused on Judge Education:
    • This includes Conferences, Mini-Conferences, and Area Meetups as long as the primary focus is educational, not social.
    • Events do not need to be officially foil supported or registered with the Conferences sphere.

Events which do not meet these criteria may be deleted at our sole discretion.

Applying for and being accepted for an event on JudgeApps is a relationship solely between the applicant and the event organizer. Any employer-employee or client-contractor relationship is between those two parties, and does not include JudgeApps as a party.

How to Create an Event

From the side bar select: Events -> All Events.

To create an event hit the “Create New Event” button at the very top of the page.

All fields are mandatory except for “Instructions for applicants”
The information in that field is only visible to people submitting applications and should only contain information about that process, all other detail should go in Event Information.

The start, end and application close dates can either be typed in using YYYY-MM-DD format or selected from a popup calendar.

NOTE: “Judge manager’s username” can’t be filled in directly.  Instead, type their name in “Judge manager’s name” and select from the list that appears in the same way that as judge center. It may take a second or two for the list to come up.

Applicants will be able to request any number of the sponsorship options you enable, your “Instructions for applicants” should include any information about what each sponsorship request involves.

VERY IMPORTANT: After clicking ‘Add Event,’ your event is saved as a DRAFT. You and any staff you add will be able to view the event, but nobody else.  To make your event visible to the other judges, you must click ‘Publish Event.’

To view your event select it from either your home page (click your name on the side bar) or through either events page, with filters if needed.