Creating an Event

From the side bar select: Events -> All Events.

To create an event hit the “Create New Event” button at the very top of the page.

All fields are mandatory except for “Instructions for applicants”
The information in that field is only visible to people submitting applications and should only contain information about that process, all other detail should go in Event Information.

The start, end and application close dates can either be typed in using YYYY-MM-DD format or selected from a popup calendar.

NOTE: “Judge manager’s username” can’t be filled in directly.  Instead, type their name in “Judge manager’s name” and select from the list that appears in the same way that as judge center. It may take a second or two for the list to come up.

Applicants will be able to request any number of the sponsorship options you enable, your “Instructions for applicants” should include any information about what each sponsorship request involves.

VERY IMPORTANT: After clicking ‘Add Event,’ your event is saved as a DRAFT. You and any staff you add will be able to view the event, but nobody else.  To make your event visible to the other judges, you must click ‘Publish Event.’

To view your event select it from either your home page (click your name on the side bar) or through either events page, with filters if needed.