The JudgeApps Forums are accessible via the “Forum” link in the left-hand bar. Clicking on it will display the different forum categories and the forums therein.

Forums consist of Topics, also known as Threads. To start a new topic, navigate to the forum you’d like to start a new topic in and click the “New topic” link near the top right corner. A new topic will consist of a Subject line (please be descriptive! “Blood Moon and Urborg Interaction Question” is MUCH better than “Rules Question!”, for example).

When starting a new topic, replying to a topic, or sending a private message, you’ll be presented with a Visual (or WYSIWYG) Editor, complete with most of your standard options: bold text, links, etc, and a few fun ones, like Magic Card hover images or Magic card images! Note that the green checkmark button way at the right allows you to preview your post before making it.

Note: The Quote button is powerful, but often misunderstood. If you want to quote someone, first highlight the relevant part of their post that you want to quote, THEN click quote to quote just the selected portion.

Forums offer pretty granular notification controls. See the Notifications section for more information.