Launch of the Magic Judge News Blog

Hello, Judge Friends!

Today, we’ve released another set of features to the Judge Blogs network – and I’m very excited to share them with you.

First, we now have an actual central Judge News Blog, where we’ll be posting some of the major announcements that impact the global Judge Program.

The blog includes a Contact page, which should hopefully help most readers’ common questions about who to contact when they need help.  It also includes a convenient way for players and organizers to get in touch with their Regional Coordinators, rather than fumbling through Judge Center or creating a JudgeApps account just to send an email.

The popular ‘What’s New on Judge Blogs’ page has been updated and moved, and is now available at This page displays the latest activity from the Judge Blogs, sorted to put the most recent news for you at the very top.

Another feature we’ve introduced is an RSS feed for new posts from across the entire Judge Blog network. If you enjoy using RSS, this one feed will you give all the updates as soon as they come out:

If you want finer control over your RSS feeds, there’s even a Custom RSS Feed Builder. Here, you can choose which categories of sites, or which specific sites, you’d like included in a custom RSS feed.

And last but not least, you’ll probably notice the new navigation bar appearing across the top of all the Judge Blogs, providing readers easy access to some of our most popular services. This same bar is already present on the chat pages, and will be making its way to JudgeApps in the near future.

If you too would like a space to blog – for individual posts or a larger project – we gladly assist you. You can request a site here.

Responsible for both the Magic Judge Blog and the Judge Blog Portal is Jason Lemahieu and Joel KrebsDavid de la Iglesia and James Bennett help with the content creation and technical assistance respectively.