New Level 4 in Europe: Kim Warren

The news spread slowly first, being a single status update on the Magic Judges Facebook Account but suddenly it showered congratulations for Kim Warren.

Kevin Desprez wrote the following on his Facebook wall:

Last time we were in Prague, Carlos Ho let us know he was going back to Panama for an unknown amount of time. Latin America doubled its number of L4s, while Europe lost one.

Tonight, I’m really happy as we are having Europe go back to an appropriate number of L4+s, which is something a few judges were concerned with in the recent weeks.

We had noticed as well that things may become tricky at some point, so we looked at the potential candidates and decided a few months ago to promote someone whose degree of investment in the Judge Program can hardly be matched:
Amongst other things, she turned a region that was struggling into a fully running one and recently got interested in taking the lead for crafting the JAR.

And GP Prague was the right time to announce this promotion:
Congratulations and welcome to a well-deserved L4 Kim Warren. 

I’ll be very happy to see you wear burgundy at GP Paris.