Daniel Kitachewsky promoted to Level 4

For years, Daniel Kitachewsky has been one of the top L3s in the program. Today finally comes the day to recognize that he’s actually much more than that. Today we welcome Daniel to L4.

As a NetRep for the rules, Daniel has enlightened many of us over the years, providing us all with clear answers to (often obscure) rules interactions. His guru-level knowledge has also been an indispensable resource in the Pro Tour circuit and at Grand Prix events.

More recently, Daniel was asked to coordinate L3 testing. In this capacity, Daniel has brought several improvements to the system, while ensuring continuity and upholding the values of transparency and inclusivity.

As L4, Daniel will continue to lead the testing sphere. The judge program is equal parts happy and proud to welcome Daniel to L4 and is confident that he’ll continue to bring the massive value he has been bringing so far!