Redefinition of Level 2 – Area Judge

Judge Manager Andrew Heckt made public that effective August 1st, 2014 there will be a new definition for Level 2. This includes the definition, the pre-certification interview requirements, the certification items itself and also a set of recommended items, that should be met by candidates when advancing to Level 2.

For full details check the announcement on Judge Apps. Or find the new definition below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any Level 3+ judge.

Level 2 – Area Judge

Level 2s are the Area judges who want more than judge inside one store. They desire to see tournaments run to a higher standard, and are willing to travel, train and mentor other judges. It’s common for L2 judges to organize events and work with more than one location to improve tournaments for a community. Level 2s require knowledge of Competitive REL policy and processes and with experience judge Qualifier events, and support Grand Prix. They can test L1 judges. For many judges, Level 2 is as high as they’ll desire to progress in the program – higher levels requiring more time-commitment.

Current L2s will be required to submit to their RCs that they meet all certification requirements (sections 1-3 below) required of new L2s in their region. Current L2s will need to submit, before the end of 2014, evidence of meeting these requirements to their RC, or be re-leveled level one in January 2015. Requirements already completed (example – passing L2 exam) should be submitted for review (original L2 test ID# and score shared) for certainty, else repeated.

1. Pre-Certification Interview Requirements (all within the last 15 months.)

All requirements must have been satisfied in the last 15 months. L2 candidates must present evidence to the testing judge that these requirements have been met.

  • Submit at least three reviews of other judges demonstrating ability to deliver constructive feedback
  • Head judge at least two competitive REL events with a second certified judge
  • Judge for more than one organizer or store
  • Judge at least six reported events

2. Recommended Items (may be required in developed Regions at RC discretion) 

These achievements may be required in developed Regions at RC discretion. L2 candidates should be ready to present evidence to the testing judge of completion.

  • L2 Practice Exam score of 70% or higher (max 80%) as set by the RC
  • Review from L2+ judge recommending candidate for L2
  • Tournament report from head judging a competitive event
  • Multiple WPN organizations / locations willing to staff candidate for future events

3. Certification Items Required

  • Pass the Level Two exam with a score of 80% or higher
  • Willingness to mentor and certify other judges
  • Demonstrated diplomacy with players, judges and TOs
  • Participation in regional judge community and regional communication channels (e.g., forums, email lists, etc…)
  • Certifying judge will ensure the candidate knows how to:
    • Perform a deck check
    • Enter a certification review
    • Enter a disqualification report