Level 2 – Adjustment to July requirements

The announcement for the New Path to the Pro Tour has led to an adjustment of the July 9th Level Two Certified Judge requirements. These adjustments are below. For questions ask your Regional Coordinator or any L3 judge from your region.

For further explanation of these changes please review Toby Elliott’s blog.

Current L2s will be required to submit to their RCs that they meet all certification requirements of new L2s in their region. Current L2s will need to submit, before the end of 2014, evidence of meeting these requirements to their RC, or be re-leveled level one in January 2015. Requirements already completed (example – passing L2 exam) should be submitted for review (original L2 test ID# and score shared) for certainty, else repeated.

What is expected of an L2 judge?

  • Keeping current with Magic rules and Competitive REL tournament policy
  • Knowledge of and ability to teach Competitive REL tournament practices (pairings, deckchecks, disqualifications, reviews, etc.)
  • Demonstrated diplomacy with players, judges and TOs
  • Willingness to mentor and certify other judges
  • Regional community involvement

The following items must be completed in the 15 months before the request for L2 test and interview are formally administered:

  • Brief written recommendation from an L2+ judge
  • Demonstration of a working relationship with at least two organizers or stores
  • Three reviews of other judges entered into judge.wizards.com, demonstrating ability to deliver constructive feedback
  • Judge at least six reported events
  • Judge at least three “high-level” events with multiple judges (PPTQs, PTQs, WMCQs, GPs or significant regional events such as SCG Opens or 5Ks). Other large region-specific events and/or GPTs may qualify with permission of the Regional Coordinator
  • A written tournament report from one of the multiple-judge events
  • A score of 70% or higher on an L2 practice test