Sophie Pagès promoted to Level 3 at Grand Prix Krakow

At Grand Prix Krakow, France, Europe and the world gained another L3, Sophie Pagès. Last year Sophie was profiled on Judge of the Week, (which you can find here.) and more recently had her 5-year judge anniversary, here’s some additional comments from her RC:

[cets_callout_box style=’gray’ align=’full’ title=’Guillaume Beuzelin’]

Few weeks ago, Sophie had her 5 years judge anniversary. I wrote a text explaining the impressive evolution in Sophie’s behavior between her level 1 and today. The two last years Sophie completely changed her behavior and became more and more open to discussions. At the same time she has been able to develop leadership skills. Now Sophie is clearly a leader by example. She shows so much enthusiasm that you feel obliged to follow her.

I’m super glad to have her joining the French L3 team. Sophie’s profile is pretty complementary with the other French L3. At the international scale, you will see her on tournament as usual and I would not be surprised to see her name on more and more international projects.


Congratulations Sophie! You can congratulate Sophie too on the Magic Judges Facebook page’s post for her promotion.