Hans Wang promoted to Level 3 at Grand Prix Shanghai

Hans Wang (Taiwan) has been promoted to L3 at Grand Prix Shanghai. His RC Edwin Zhang wrote a few words for him:

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Hans Wang had been judging for a very long time, he means leadership for the local judges, and he means the judge program for the local players. I have known him forever, to a point I’m not sure when I met him for the first time, and he had always brought a super friendly atmosphere around him like a party organizer (well, he worked as party organizer at one point).

Hans worked very hard towards L3 since he decided that he wants to be one, he actively communicates with judges from mainland China, and share ideas to connect up Taiwan and mainland China judge communities. He experienced failure with the L3 interview once, but he came back from it, and worked on his weakness for improvement. Finally he got there, congratulations Hans, well done!


Congratulations to Hans! Increasing the number of L3s in this part of the world is a great sign of the growth and expansion of both the Magic community and judge community.

You can congratulate Hans too on the Magic Judges Facebook page’s post for his promotion.