Judge Manager Andy Heckt leaving Wizards

Today Judge Manager Andy Heckt announced he’s leaving Wizards of the Coast, here’s what he had to say:

[cets_callout_box style=’gray’ align=’full’ title=’Andy Heckt’]Hello all,

After giving notice earlier today to the Senior Judges I wished to inform you all;

I am sad to find myself ending my employment with Wizards of the Coast on Sept 3rd, after over 16 years with the company. Due to the needs of my family that take priority, I cannot remain in Seattle to continue managing the judge program that has been the focus of much of the last 10 years. I have met truly remarkable, dedicated, and talented individuals as its leader, and am extremely proud for what a community it has become and its potential.

The list of people I need to thank is extensive; but I have tried over the last several years to recognize most of you, sometimes repeatedly, as well as foster that characteristic into the judge program. But I wish Helene and the rest of the team best of luck continuing to strengthen WotC’s position as a leader and moral compass in the industry.

Very sincerely,