Luca Romano promoted to Level 3 at GP Vancouver

Luca Romano (Italy) has been promoted to Level 3 at GP Vancouver. Luca’s Regional Coordinator, Cristiana Dionisio, wrote a few words for him:

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Luca got certified in 2005 and became L2 in 2012. He grew up in a remote area of North Italy with limited tournament activity and in the shadow of two of the most esteemed Italian judges, Diego Fasciolo and Walter Zarà who were his guide and example on one hand, but on the other hand Luca found few occasions to stand up and find space.

Luca has evolved a lot in the ten years he’s been a judge. With knowledge and patience he was able to gain the respect of the players in his area who now seek his advice and his wisdom. With determination he was able to gain the respect of the Italian judges. He demonstrated maturity, skills and capability to think widely and now they follow his lead on many areas.

We are glad to welcome Luca among the leaders of this community!


Congratulations Luca! You can congratulate Luca on his promotion post on the Magic Judges Facebook page.