Yoshitoki Sakai promoted to Level 3 at Grand Prix Tokyo


Yoshitoki Sakai (Japan) has been promoted to Level 3 at Grand Prix Tokyo. His RC Mitsunori Makino wrote a few words for him:

[cets_callout_box style=’gray’ align=’full’ title=’Mitsunori Makino’]

Back to 2013, I could not believe that Yoshi start judging. But also I believed I announced him becoming Level 3 so soon. He run up to the model of judges in only two years.

He is person who pays earnest attempt to everything. He has good player history like playing GP semi final, Worlds and many PT. Now our community get his contribution. We could not run so much projects if we don’t have him. Currently he leads translating annotated IPG team.

For his life he works for Hareruya tournament center as judge manager. So you can see him judging every day. When you have chance to come Tokyo, come and say hello him.

Congratulations, Yoshitoki!


You can congratulate Yoshitoki too on his promotion post on the Magic Judges Facebook page.