Alex Yeung promoted to Level 3 at Grand Prix Taipei

Alex Yeung L3

Alex Yeung (Hong Kong) has been promoted to Level 3 at Grand Prix Taipei. His Regional Coordinator Edwin Zhang and local Level 3 Hans Wang wrote a few words for him:

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[Hans] Alex Yeung, aka A-Li, spent only about thirty months to know the door of level 3 after he became a Magic judge. As a former WoW senior judge, his experience and knowledge of card game events really helped him a lot in the way.

[Edwin] I met Alex for the first time in Shenzhen at distributor’s championship tournament in 2013, when Alex showed interest to become a Magic Judge. He was an impressive candidate, and soon became a certified level 1 in early 2014.

[Hans] He can do good jobs in different roles. When he’s a judge, he solve the players’ problems and enjoy the event with others; When he’s the project leader, he assigned work well to every members in his team and let them do their best; When he’s the event manager, he understand how to make the events running smoothly but also increase the players’ experience.

[Edwin] Alex is also a beloved member of our judge community, everybody likes him and he is the go to guy even you just need a person to talk to.

[Hans] He’s good in events, however, he’s even better in devoting to the community. His translation website helped a lot of Chinese judges who cannot speak English getting involved of the global community; He spent a lot of time helping stores far far away for competitive events and helped them to build their own judge community.

[Edwin] Alex is great at making everyone feel comfortable when he is around, his friendly attitude let people feel there is no gap between Alex and even first day judge candidates, which made him a leader. He had been helping to motivate and involve judges from isolated areas of China, and it’s slowly showing results.

[Hans] He’s also one of my best friends I met in judging (even there are a lot haha). I can’t say how happy I am when I heard he passed the panel. He was actually already good when we started working together since last June but became better in the past year. He deserves that, or say, I believe I learned a lot from him as well.

[Edwin] There is no surprise for me to hear Alex had passed his panel, he had worked hard and truly deserves the promotion.

Congratulations our friend, welcome to Level 3!


You can congratulate Alex on his promotion post on the Magic Judges Facebook page.