Dan Collins promoted to Level 3 at Grand Prix Indianapolis

Dan Collins L3

Dan Collins (New Jersey, USA) has been promoted to Level 3 at Grand Prix Indianapolis.

His Regional Coordinator John Alderfer wrote a few words for him:

[cets_callout_box style=’gray’ align=’full’ title=’John Alderfer’]

While not surprised by this promotion, I am still excited for it, as the Judge Program at large gets to cast a spotlight on one of the Northeastern US Region’s best-kept secrets. Dan has such a large footprint in the Northeastern US, that it’s hard to remember that he’s only been with us for under three years.

Dan is currently serving as the Area Rep for the state of New Jersey. He has been very influential in the organizing of several of the largest judge conferences on record (very successful conferences, at that) and has contributed to multiple other regional initiatives, as well.

Dan doesn’t only contribute in-region, however. He just does the program-wide stuff a little more stealthily. Dan provides analysis to the Exemplar program to allow it to be tweaked to run more smoothly each wave. That seems to be a trend with Dan – his efforts allow things to run more smoothly (and this isn’t even mentioning his logistical strength at tournaments). You can see why I’m so excited by the prospect of more opportunities for him to contribute.

Dan – welcome to Level 3, and thank you for all you’ve done so far. I look forward to seeing what comes next![/cets_callout_box]

You can congratulate Dan on his promotion post on the Magic Judges Facebook page.