Regional Coordinator Selection Process – Window Open

Today Cristiana Dionisio announced the process for renewal and new applications for the Regional Coordinator Advanced Role as announced by Program Coordinator Toby Elliott.

As announced, there are roughly one-third of these positions to be determined every six months. Applications will be accepted from September 16th to September 25th for these regions:

BeNeLux Japan
Canada USA – South
China USA – Southwest
German speaking countries Russian speaking countries

You can find all the waves of expiration and application in the Official Resources site.

Applications are open to Level 3s in any area. However, strong preference will be given to in-region applicants. If you choose to apply while living outside the region, please explain why you think you think this circumstance is exceptional.

The selection will happen through two steps. A review committee will evaluate applications and the candidates who are evaluated positively will go to step 2.

The evaluation panel will be a committee of 7 people (5 RCs + 1 PC +1 GPHJ) for both steps.

We wish to thank the RCs belonging to the Selection Process Committee who helped design and will help implement this process.