Bryan Spellman promoted to Level 3 at Grand Prix Providence


Bryan Spellman (Colorado, USA) has been promoted to Level 3 at Grand Prix Providence.

His Regional Coordinator Scott Marshall wrote a few words for him:

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“I wanna become a judge because you get cool foils!” How many of us have heard something similar, and your first instinct was to shut that nonsense right down before it even begins?

A little over three years ago, Bryan Spellman confessed his love of judge foils, but also proved his worthiness as a judge. Not long after that, he passed his L2 test – in Uncle Scott’s basement, since nothing else was convenient – and set his sights on L3. As so often happens, life had some other plans, but he overcame serious interruptions, and continued to impress others while accumulating the skills and knowledge necessary to be a Level 3 Judge. At GP Providence last weekend, Bryan completed the last steps, and was promoted to Level 3!

Bryan both competes and teaches West Coast Swing and Blues dancing; he’s been known to DJ (and, as their DJ, he Rick-Rolled Josh Stansfield’s entire wedding); he tries to make sure everyone on staff has a great time while getting their tasks done; and, yes, he still loves shiny things.

James Bennett tells a story about Bryan, a story that somehow ended up on reddit :
“One night after dinner a group of us came back, including L2 Bryan Spellman (those of you who know him will understand why what follows was absolutely correct) and ended up in the elevator with a bunch of people in formal wear. Apparently some local fraternity was having a fancy to-do at the hotel.

One of the girls asked us what we were in town for, and got an honest answer: we’re judges for a professional Magic tournament. Bryan added, self-deprecatingly, ‘Yeah, we’re nerds.’

The girl looked him up and down, smiled, and said ‘Well, at least you’re a hot nerd.'”

While that’s all a bit tongue-in-cheek (and true), it’s important to understand that Bryan is not only a solid leader, locally, regionally, and at events; he’s not just a skilled and knowledgeable judge; and he’s not just the newest addition to the Level 3 ranks – he’s someone we can all enjoy working with, someone who has mastered the ability to have fun and work hard at the same time.

It’s a great honor for me to congratulate Bryan, and welcome him to L3!


You can congratulate Bryan on his promotion post on the Magic Judges Facebook page.