Ronald Thompson promoted to Level 3 at Grand Prix Warsaw


Ronald Thompson (USA) has been promoted to L3 at Grand Prix Warsaw. L3 James Do Hung Lee wrote a few words for him:

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When I first met Ron Thompson in 2012, it was quite clear he was a man with a plan. He was already playing Magic in the community, doing well, and contributing. At his L1 certification, he expressed his interest in every aspect of the game, its various formats, and how he might, one day, contribute as a L2 and L3. By the time I certified him for L2, he was already operating as if he’d had many years of experience at that level and clearly had an understanding of what it took to be professional, personable, and competent. He also wasted no time in attending GP around the world to gain experience, meet judges of all stripes, and to become acquainted with all that it would take to build the CV and relationships necessary to serve as L3. There was never any doubt that he’d achieve that goal.

In the past two-and-a-half years, Ron has become a first pick for staffing events, become engaged in a half-dozen Judge projects, and initiated numerous develop plans for himself and others. He’s led a seminar at a judge conference and contributed to putting together an org chart for all of the projects we judges are juggling around the world. One simply has to go and read his Exemplar commendations to understand the vast range of involvement and growth that is Ron’s to claim and to which he’s contributed.

It was with great joy that I was able to administer his L3 exam and to welcome him into our ranks. I am sure that if it is his goal, we will see him in the burgundy sooner rather than later.


You can congratulate Ronald on his promotion post on the Magic Judges Facebook page.