Disqualification Documents January 2017 Update

This information on this page is outdated as of 5 September 2019. More up to date information is available at wpn.wizards.com.
Alejandro Raggio
Level 3, Argentina

Alejandro Raggio
Level 3, Argentina

Alejandro Raggio introduces the January 2017 updates to the Disqualification documents. If this is your first time reading about these documents, you’d be happy to know that you don’t have to improvise when dealing with a disqualification, we do have specific instructions for both players and judges after a Disqualification has been issued.

All the information and instructions can be found at:

On this page you will find links to the Player Disqualification FAQ which the Head Judge should print and give to the player (this is to avoid confusion, as the player isn’t going to be at their greatest state of mind and it’s very important we provide the player with key information). Even if you’d like to talk to the player and explain them everything, please make sure to give the player a printed copy of this document.

You will also find the Head Judge Disqualification Procedure which gives specific how-to instructions and things to do after you decide to Disqualify the player. And, for the Tournament Organizer, there’s a third document, the Tournament Organizer Disqualification FAQ, clarifying some of the most frequent questions.

January 2017 Update

There has been some updates in the Player Disqualification FAQ (the document we should give to every player we disqualify from an event). There were some minor edits, but the major content changes are:

  • Disqualified players are still allowed to play at most sanctioned events. However, if they are qualified for a Pro Tour, World Championship, or World Magic Cup, they have to contact Wizards via email to check their invitation status and to have their case be given priority and resolved as soon as possible.
  • Clarification about disqualified players not receiving any Planeswalker/Pro Points for the event they were disqualified from. (The same item includes prizes, which disqualified players do not receive, unless they were already handed out).

This new update to the the Player Disqualification FAQ is already available in English and 11 other languages. I’d like to thank everyone for their contributions in updating this document:

Chinese Simplified (Zhaoben Xu)
Chinese Traditional (Zhaoben Xu, Hans Wang, Alex Yeung)
Czech (Milan Majerčík)
French (Sophie Pagès)
German (Philip Wieland)
Hebrew (Yuval Tzur)
Italian (Andrea Mondani)
Polish (Krzysztof Ciesielka)
Russian (Arseniy Egorov)
Serbian (Milorad Pavlovic)
Spanish (Alejandro Raggio)

This document can be found at: http://blogs.magicjudges.org/o/disqualification-process/

If you have any suggestions on how to improve these documents, or you’d like to help with translating these to your language, please contact Alejandro Raggio at: araggio@gmail.com