Nicolette Apraez promoted to Level 3


Nicolette Apraez (USA) has been promoted to Level 3. Nicolette’s Regional Coordinator, Justin Turner, wrote some¬†words for her:

[cets_callout_box style=’gray’ align=’full’ title=’Justin Turner’]

Nicolette came to my region as an L2 and we were very happy with the import! From the moment she was settled, she became heavily involved in our education initiatives and was leading classes to train new L2s. She’s been a delight at events and I’ve never received a single piece of negative feedback other than maybe that she works too hard. She embodies everything you’d want in a professional and hard working judge and takes her roles more seriously than most. I’ve had very great conversations with her and I’ve had the pleasure of helping her out with some issues and each time she’s been empathetic and reasonable.

Specifically, she was the mastermind behind the #keepingitlit project, highlighting exemplar nominations of the judges in the southeast during some tumultuous times. This has led to various regional blogs highlighting exemplar nominations and really improved the positive face of the project, awesome! She is also working in tandem with Nik Zitomer on new L1 classes. All this while working 32 event weekends in the past 12 months! That’s just a phenomenal amount of productivity coming out of one person.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I’d be asked to write a biography like this and I’m very, very proud to have finally been called to do so. It’s my hope to see her continue to ascend as high as she’d like to within the program as she’s qualified, capable and caring. Any project or event would be lucky to have her involvement and we are lucky to have her here in this region. Great job Nicolette on behalf of the Southeast USA, we have always and will continue to cheer for you!


You can congratulate Nicolette on her promotion post on the Magic Judges Facebook page.