Regional Coordinator Selection Process – Fall 2017 Window Open

Regional Coordinator Leader Sebastian Pękala announces the Fall 2017 process for renewal and new applications for the Regional Coordinator Advanced Role, as described in current Judge Program structure under the New New World Order.


At this time, we are accepting applications for the following regions:

South East Asia
Europe – East
USA – Great Lakes
USA – North
Hispanic America – South
USA – Northeast
USA – Northwest
Russian speaking countries USA – Southwest

The choice for the person holding a Regional Coordinator role has an impact on a community as a whole. Therefore, we strongly advise leadership of affected regions to discuss this topic. All candidates should talk to their regional leadership before applying, and especially non-Regional Coordinator candidates should talk to their current Regional Coordinators before applying (in order to prevent conflicts and make the potential handover much easier).


The RC position is now available for Level 3 judges and Level 2 judges that have the Level 2 Tester certification (and are from within the region in question). Level 3 judges can apply for RC position in any region. However, strong preference will be given to in-region applicants. If you choose to apply while living outside the region, please explain why you think you think this circumstance is different and acceptable.

Application Process

The application process will consist of two steps.

In step 1, candidates are required to provide their answers to a number of questions covering topics important to usual tasks of Regional Coordinators, and list contact information to 3 referring judges. The 3 judges need to live in at least 2 different areas of the region and should be of at least 2 different levels (1x Level 3 + 2x Level 2 judges, or such). Level 3 judge referring the candidate can have the region in question selected as a secondary, but they have to have strong ties with it (such as: have lived in the region for a long time, or are native to the region, but currently live abroad). These judges will be contacted to confirm that they think candidate fulfills the Qualities of Regional Coordinators and would be a good Regional Coordinator for their region. They may be also asked to confirm some statements about the region and candidates themselves, based on the application. The questions for candidates to answer are listed below.

To apply, you need to fill in this form:

In case you have any questions about the process, or have trouble using the Google forms, you can email us at:

After the window closes, all applications will be reviewed and graded by the Selection Committee against the minimal requirements to be the Regional Coordinator, and all applicants that meet the criteria will go to step 2.

Step 2 will consist of individual questions to the candidates, aiming to explore potential areas for improvement, and to determine the best candidate for each region. This step may be skipped for regions with only one candidate at this stage of the process, at the discretion of the Selection Committee.


  1. Please explain the current leadership system of your region, it’s pro’s and con’s, and give us 1 example of what you’d like to do to improve it. Describe your leadership style and how would it be reflected in your activity in the region.
  2. Please identify the biggest challenge facing your region, and describe a plan to address that challenge.
  3. The Exemplar program has been a contentious issue in the judge community. Some judges think it’s fantastic; other judges think it is a program with lots of favoritism. What is your position on the Exemplar program, and how will you present it to your region?
  4. If we did not select you to be Regional Coordinator, whom should we select? Why are you a better option for the role? If we selected you to be the next Regional Coordinator, how would your region react? Why?
  5. Present what mentoring initiatives are run by judges in your region (classes, documents, discussion forums, etc.).  Have you supported these at all?  Are there things you feel like you could do to support these efforts more?
  6. Who are the most exciting judge candidates or growing judges in your region? What makes them stand out, and what are you doing to encourage or assist them in their growth?
  7. Responsiveness is one of the most important characteristics of a Regional Coordinator. Please describe the ways (channels) in which fellow judges, players, and store owners in your region can contact you, and how long do you usually take to reply or resolve an issue.


The selection committee will consist of four current Regional Coordinators (including the Regional Coordinator Lead, who will be the leader of this committee), one Program Coordinator, and two Level 3 judges not holding the aforementioned roles.


Applications will be accepted until September 11th, 2017, 12:00 (noon) GMT, or (easier way to remember) till end of Sunday, September 10th in all time zones. We reserve the right to re-open window in case there are no applicants or in case of significantly exceptional situations.

Results for the Fall 2017 class will be published around October 1st 2017.