Michael Chamberlain promoted to Level 3

Michael Chamberlain (UK) has been promoted to Level 3. His Regional Coordinator, Jack Doyle wrote some words for him:

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I’m incredibly proud (and glad!) to welcome Michael to Level 3, it’s been a long time coming. Michael apparently wanted to complete the L3 process in reverse – everyone knew he was a master of people, mentorship, and education; but he had to show that he’s also a master of rules, policy, and tournament logistics. He went into taking a Level 3 paper exam with an already-passed Level 3 panel in his pocket. Michael has proven that he’s a Level 3 in every way, and brings along with him a dangerously sharp sense of humour, an even sharper wit, and a drive to make the things around him as good as they can be.

In the UKISA region, Michael is our rock. A therapist in his “day job”, he brings an expertly calm demeanour to every discussion and has seemingly infinite time for issues that individual judges might have. At our regional conferences, Michael is the keynote speaker; a thought-provoking, introspective session is on the cards at each of them, and the region is all the better for it. The first time I heard of Michael, it was a hushed recollection of “the ball of string” — a conference seminar where an actual ball of string was thrown from attendee to attendee, sharing a story or a memory about the recipient. On a personal level, I’ve benefited hugely from Michael’s expertise.

It’s been a few years since we’ve had a new Level 3 in the UKISA region. Not only am I glad to welcome another one to the group, I’m ecstatic that it’s Michael. Congratulations, buddy, everyone was behind you and I’m glad you showed them why. I wish good fortune to those who stand behind the doors that Michael has now opened for himself!


You can congratulate Michael on his promotion post on the Magic Judges Facebook page.