The Collected Company Mentorship Project

“Many can stand where one would fall”

The mission of the Collected Company project is to empower women to take on new challenges and realize their full potential within the Judge Program. We believe that it can be meaningful to have a mentor with shared life experiences, and we want to give more access to that. In a situation where women are significantly in the minority, a female judge or judge candidate may not have the opportunity to work with other women early in their career. We’re creating more opportunities to connect them with established leaders, and to provide a space for discourse. Through this, we aim to encourage women to certify and increase diversity within the program.

Collected Company encompasses both a mentor/mentee pairing program and a social media community.

The mentor/mentee program is intended for women who are judges of any level, certified or not. To sign up for a mentor or mentee, you can fill out this google form.

The social media communities are open to everyone, although it should be considered that these spaces are a safe place for people of underrepresented genders to request advice and support from people with similar life experiences, as we have multiple resources to find more generalized information. Join the project’s Facebook group and request access to the Slack chat through this google form.

At this time this project is looking to recruit judge mentors at all levels, moderators for Facebook and Slack, coordinators for L1 and L2 study groups, and mentor/mentee assignment coordinators. If you feel like you would be a qualified candidate for any of these, please email Megan Holden or Megan Linscott through Judge Apps stating why you feel you are qualified and what your goals are within this project.